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Wean early to preserve cow body condition

Wean early to preserve cow body condition

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Early weaning of beef calves can have many advantages, and one of them, especially in a drought year, is to preserve body condition of the cows.

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New Thermal App Lets Your Phone Pinpoint Heat Stress

New Thermal App Lets Your Phone Pinpoint Heat Stress

Virginia H. Harris

Progressive Farmer

In the wake of a drought that won’t soon be forgotten by farmers, students at the University of Missouri are putting the final touches on a smartphone app that will help cattle producers determine levels of heat stress in their animals.

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On The Farm: Livestock Vaccinations

On The Farm: Livestock Vaccinations

Rene Thibault


Pneumonia, BVD and Red Nose are just a few of the debilitating diseases that can affect a cattle herd. Russell Behm, a Livestock Veterinarian at the Minot Vet Clinic said vaccinations can save an animal’s life, “Vaccinations ahead of time are very necessary for preventing these, here again, these diseases are very unlikely to be recognized in a timely fashion to save the animal`s life when the disease is prevalent”.

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Cattle vaccine could have prevented E. coli beef recall, researcher says

Cattle vaccine could have prevented E. coli beef recall, researcher says

 Margaret Munro

Postmedia News

A made-in-Canada cattle vaccine could have gone a long ways towards preventing this week’s massive beef recall, says a leading microbiologist.

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BPI’s beef with ABC News

BPI’s beef with ABC News

Curtis Brainard

Columbia Journalism Review

The maker of “lean, finely textured beef,” which critics call “pink slime,” is unlikely to prevail in a defamation lawsuit filed two weeks ago against ABC News, according to most experts quoted in the press.

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Raising Someone Else’s Calves

Raising Someone Else’s Calves


The last couple of years have been some of the most eventful in memory for this nation’s cow-calf industry. While feeder calf prices have been historically high during this time, input costs have escalated as well.

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Utilizing Poor Quality Forages

Utilizing Poor Quality Forages

University of Illinois

Drought conditions that continue to persist have cattlemen looking at poor quality forages to feed the cowherd. Poor quality hay, wheat straw, cornstalks, and CRP hay will be considered this year. While these forages have some feed value, most times they need supplemented to meet cow requirements.

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Ranchers see increase in grass thefts amid drought

Ranchers see increase in grass thefts amid drought

Russell Contreras

Associated Press

Petty crime and burglaries aren’t unusual in New Mexico’s isolated Guadalupe County, but lately Sheriff Michael Lucero has seen thieves steal something a bit unexpected: grass.

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The facts about hormones and beef

The facts about hormones and beef

Josh Payne


Questions exist in the public sector regarding the safety of consuming hormone implanted beef. In short, the use of supplemental hormones in beef production has been scientifically proven as safe for consumers and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For those still in question, let’s further examine the science supporting these facts.

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Colorado ranchers struggle to survive drought

Colorado ranchers struggle to survive drought

Liz Goodwin

Yahoo News

A group of black-coffee-drinking cowboys wearing ten-gallon hats gathered last week at the Western Slope Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction house. Waiting inside a crowded diner for the sale to begin, they watched a light rain wash dust off the pickup trucks outside.

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