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Steve Cornett:  Wheat Pasture Prospects?

Steve Cornett:  Wheat Pasture Prospects?

Beef Today

Maybe there will be some wheat pasture this year, after all. The 30-day rainfall record from NOAA shows much of the country typically devoted to winter stocker grazing has had beneficial rains since the first of September—and especially last week.

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Feed hay now to save grass

Feed hay now to save grass


Feed hay in the fall and save the new green grass for winter. That plan can result in more feed for drought-stressed Missouri cow herds.

University of Missouri Extension specialists urge continued feeding of hay to allow pastures to rebuild root reserves to prepare grass for strong growth next spring.

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Black Ink — we’ve come so far

Black Ink — we’ve come so far

Miranda Reiman

Cattle Today

In this day and age, would you buy a sedan that only got 13 miles per gallon?

Seems a little absurd now, but that was average in the 1970s. It really shows how far the auto industry has come in improving fuel economy.

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Watch for trich when rebuilding herds

Watch for trich when rebuilding herds

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

In some areas of the country hit hardest by drought that culled cows but now are rebuilding herds, diseases like trichomoniasis need to be of top concern.

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Daily Feed Requirements

Daily Feed Requirements

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Supplemental feeding needs vary greatly based on a long list of factors. For example, larger cows will eat more, but even if every cow weighs 1,000 pounds, heavier milking cows will have much higher nutrient needs. Nutrient requirements also vary based on life stage, with the lowest requirements right after weaning and the highest two months after calving.

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First Anthrax Case in ND This Year

First Anthrax Case in ND This Year

Alex Hagan


There has been a confirmed case of anthrax in a beef cow in Stark County. The state usually records a few anthrax cases every year. However, this is the first one this year.

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The American Royal:  A royal treat since 1899

The American Royal:  A royal treat since 1899


The roots of today’s American Royal can be traced to 1899 when the fledgling event was referred to as the National Hereford Show. Billed as the first nationwide show for the exposition and sale of purebred cattle, it took place during the month of October in a tent in the West Bottoms.

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Watch For Aflatoxin In Corn Rations

Watch For Aflatoxin In Corn Rations

Fae Holin       

Hay & Forage Grower

Aflatoxin, a cancer-causing agent that develops from fungi on corn, is a risk for farmers who feed corn-based rations this fall, said Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois Extension emeritus dairy nutritionist.

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An Analysis of a “Crossbred Bull ‘Fix’”

An Analysis of a “Crossbred Bull ‘Fix’”

R.L. “Bob” Hough, Ph.D. and Dr. Bob Weaber

American Cattleman

We read with great interest last month’s article, “Crossbred bull fix’” by Miranda Reiman of Certified Angus Beef (CAB). The hypothesis of the article was that using composite (F1) bulls had a number of disadvantages compared to purebred bulls and straightbreeding.

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50-State Rankings – Cattle vs. People: 9 States Have More Cattle Than People

50-State Rankings – Cattle vs. People: 9 States Have More Cattle Than People


If you like cattle, move to South Dakota.  They have more than 4 head of cattle per person living in the state.

Nine states have more cattle than people:  South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa & Oklahoma.

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