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Back in the days of yore in a high mountain valley of Colorado lived a ranch kid named Sparky.  In the winter time his valley would be covered with snow. 

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Watch for Prussic Acid Poisoning with Fall Frost

Watch for Prussic Acid Poisoning with Fall Frost

Tracy Turner

Beef Today

Fall frost is an annual concern for livestock producers because of the potential for prussic acid poisoning, but the potential for toxicity in livestock is of wider concern this year because of drought, an Ohio State University Extension forage specialist says.

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Cow Nutrition During Early Gestation Is Important

Cow Nutrition During Early Gestation Is Important

Heather Smith Thomas       


The importance of a dam’s early-gestation nutrition, both for the short and long term, is drawing a lot more attention.

Early gestation is when the placenta, which carries nutrients to the fetus, develops; it’s also when the vital organs develop.

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Feed hay now to save grass

Feed hay now to save grass

Farm Talk

Feed hay in the fall and save the new green grass for winter. That plan can result in more feed for drought-stressed Missouri cow herds.

University of Missouri Extension specialists urge continued feeding of hay to allow pastures to rebuild root reserves to prepare grass for strong growth next spring.

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Dark cutting meat linked to stress

Dark cutting meat linked to stress

Dr. Max Irsik

Cattle Today

The term ‘Dark Cutting’ is used for meat that does not bloom or brighten when it is cut and exposed to air. Beef customers prefer beef cuts to be a bright pinkish color at retail; they avoid dark-colored meat.

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Developing a drought plan

Developing a drought plan

Gayle Smith

Tri-State Livestock News

The development of a sound drought management plan can make the difference between being a winner or a loser once the drought is over. Tonya Haigh, researcher with the National Drought Mitigation Center housed at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, recently shared some strategies used by other ranchers to survive the drought.

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Start beef reproductive momentum

Start beef reproductive momentum

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

There are factors we can’t control in beef cattle reproduction, so we need to pay attention to the factors we can control.

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