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Drought can cause Vitamin A deficiency

Drought can cause Vitamin A deficiency

Glenn Selk


Vitamin A is rarely a concern in range cattle nutritional programs because it is readily synthesized from carotene that is common in green growing plants. However, in drought situations where plants become dead or dormant, the carotene content becomes practically devoid and may lead to a deficiency of the precursor to vitamin A.

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National Beef Quality Audit – Phase 3 hears from beef producers

National Beef Quality Audit – Phase 3 hears from beef producers

B. Lynn Gordon


An added element to the 2011 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) was a focus on hearing directly from beef producers. An online and written survey was conducted with cattlemen including seedstock operators, commercial cow/calf operators, backgrounders, stocker/yearling producers, feedlot producers and dairymen to identify the adoption of beef quality assurance management principles.

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Gelbvieh Association offers marketing opportunities for producers

Gelbvieh Association offers marketing opportunities for producers

Cattle Today

Cow-calf producers crossbreed to increase efficiencies and profits. To see greater maternal benefits in a crossbreeding system, producers are choosing Gelbvieh or Balancer® genetics to use on commercial cows.

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Shifts in market affect animal health industry

Shifts in market affect animal health industry

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

The animal health industry continues to have its ups and downs, but the food-animal portion of that industry still remains strong, as was discussed at a roundtable Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo.

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Bedding Boosts Cattle Feedlot Performance

Bedding Boosts Cattle Feedlot Performance

Scott Laudert


Cattle fed in bedded confinement facilities had improved feedlot performance compared to cattle fed in open lots, according to records analyzed by Iowa State University and Land O’Lakes Purina animal scientists.

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Neb. ranchers urged to consider feeding cornstalks

Neb. ranchers urged to consider feeding cornstalks


Experts say Nebraska ranchers should consider having their cattle graze on cornstalks this fall to conserve hay and pastures during the drought.

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Cattlemen must endure 2-year cycle of market risk

Cattlemen must endure 2-year cycle of market risk

Dan Piller

Des Moines Register

The Winkelplecks — father Larry, 74, and sons Larry Jr., 44, and Jon, 42 — farm about 2,000 acres just west of Dysart in Tama County.

But the Winkelplecks are, first and foremost, cattle producers. More specifically, they are cattle feeders for 800 to 1,000 head of Black Angus and Charolais cattle.

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Brewery, cattle farm partner up to create a sustainable farm

Brewery, cattle farm partner up to create a sustainable farm

Mary Scott


With a name like Christopher Burger, you would think he always wanted to be a cattle farmer.

He didn’t grow up on his farm in Greenback or study agriculture. In fact, he sought out to be an artist in New York.

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Farmers Work Together In Battling Drought

Farmers Work Together In Battling Drought

Dave Niedfeldt


An important part of the diet for beef cattle is forage. Cattle and corn farmer Jon Holzfaster – a member of the Nebraska Corn Board – says beef cattle achieve 70-percent of their growth on forage. But the drought has taken a significant toll on grazing land and hay supplies.

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Improving cull cow management can add profit

Improving cull cow management can add profit

Martha Blum


Selling cull cows is one of several income sources for a cow-calf operation.

“About 20 percent of a herd’s income comes from selling cull breeding stock,” said Iowa State University beef specialist Denise Schwab at the Beef Roundtable Discussion sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension and the Beef Association of Jo Daviess County.

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