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Vintage Video Feature: Along America’s Angus Trails with Paul Harvey

“Along America’s Angus Trails” is a film that was produced in the late 1940s by the American Angus Association and narrated by Paul Harvey.

Harvest time is weaning time.

Harvest time is weaning time.

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

This can be a stressful and somewhat noisy time for the cow, the calf and the farmer/rancher.   Probably the most critical weaning decisions a rancher needs to make are gauging when and how  to wean. 

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Systematic Early Breeding of Heifers Pays Dividends that Keep on Coming

Systematic Early Breeding of Heifers Pays Dividends that Keep on Coming

Oklahoma Farm Report

“One of the best indicators of profitability on an operation is those operations that have a high percent of animals born early in their breeding season.

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Aflatoxin – A guide for livestock producers

Aflatoxin – A guide for livestock producers

Bovine Veterinarian

This year’s drought has brought numerous challenges to cattlemen. Shortages of grass and water forced cow culling and sent many calves to the sale barn earlier than planned. The most recent challenge cattlemen are facing is high feed costs combined with the possibility of aflatoxin in the corn crop.

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Turning earlage to silage

Turning earlage to silage

Mavis Fodness

Pipestone County Star

Rising above Kyle and Daneka Kracht’s feedlot west of Edgerton is 650 acres of silage, representing an unusual farming year for the young couple.

The silage pile is larger than in past years because drought-stressed corn doesn’t make sufficient earlage, said Kyle Kracht.

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The environmental benefits of grass-fed, pasture-rotated cattle

The environmental benefits of grass-fed, pasture-rotated cattle

Scott Morefield

The Natural News

Ever since the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization blamed livestock for 18% of the world’s man-made greenhouse-gas emissions in a 2006 report, the globalists, always looking to use the environmental movement as a power-grabbing scheme, have used the report to further their war against eating meat.

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Leave Our Beef Be

Leave Our Beef Be



There has always been the debate of meat vs. no meat. Vegetarian vs. vegan. We live in a free country so we have the ability to choose if we want that cheeseburger or not. But one thing that I feel needs to stop is the vilifying and condemnation of farmers. These men and women are the unsung heroes of the world. Yes, the world. Think of the last meal you ate.

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Beef quality evolves

Beef quality evolves

Greg Henderson


More than two decades have passed since the landmark National Beef Quality Audit that initiated a revolution in beef quality and carved a path toward increased consumer demand. Yet the Quality Audits, conducted every five years, remain a critical tool in our industry’s constant effort to satisfy consumers.

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Beef Products Inc. sues ABC for defamation over ‘pink slime’

Beef Products Inc. sues ABC for defamation over ‘pink slime’

Daniel P. Finney

Des Moines Register

Just how powerful are the words “pink slime”?

Beef Products Inc. argues, in part, that ABC News’ repeated use of those words to describe a beef additive ultimately cost BPI millions, forcing the company to close plants and cut as many as 700 jobs, including 220 at a plant in Waterloo.

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Cattle to vote in Ohio’s checkoff

Cattle to vote in Ohio’s checkoff

Alan Guebert

Aberdeen News

.  . . .For the referendum to pass, however, explains Elizabeth Harsh, executive director of the Ohio Beef Council, it must be approved by two-thirds of those voting who also represent 51 percent of the cattle voting.

      Yep, two-thirds of all voters holding 51 percent of the cattle voting must approve the referendum for Ohio to collect the second dollar.

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