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Stock and Bonds

Stock and Bonds

Katrina Huffstutler

The Cattleman

Don’t tell Pete Bonds you can’t make money in the cattle business. In fact, The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association second vice president has been quoted more than once saying he doesn’t know of a legal business in which you can make more.

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Planned crossbreeding generates profit

Planned crossbreeding generates profit

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Crossbreeding is a tool the forefathers of ranching knew they needed to take advantage of to make a better beef animal. Competitors in the protein market take advantage of this everyday to make a more efficient production system.

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Cereal grains can make fall forage

Cereal grains can make fall forage


Beef herd owners short on pastures for their cows can provide fall grazing by planting cereal grains, says a University of Missouri plant scientist.

“Drought has dried up pastures and I’m getting a lot of calls about what to do,” says Rob Kallenbach, MU Extension forage specialist.

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BeefTalk: May You Find All Your Ear Tags

BeefTalk: May You Find All Your Ear Tags

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As fall markets prepare to receive the current calf crop as it comes off the cow, producers initiate late-summer and fall roundups in what becomes an annual, well-planned exercise that repeats every year.

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Three-year-old hay and Vitamin A

Three-year-old hay and Vitamin A

Kenny Barrett

Tri State Livestock News

In the early 1900s vitamins were discovered. Scientists were able to isolate a vital substance, or “vitamin”, that was required in the diet of animals and humans. As the first vital substance it was called vitamin A. However, vitamin A deficiency and reported cures are alluded to in the bible and ancient Egyptian texts suggesting the use of cattle and poultry livers as a cure for eye disease.

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Auction Barn Premiums and Discounts in Oklahoma

Auction Barn Premiums and Discounts in Oklahoma

Deke Alkire and Ryan Reuter

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

As input prices continue to rise for cow-calf producers, it is increasingly important to maximize revenue when marketing calves.

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Drought brings untreatable disease to Nebraska cattle

Drought brings untreatable disease to Nebraska cattle

Brett Wessler


A disease normally seen in deer living in hot and dry conditions has already resulted in nine cases in Nebraska cattle this summer.

 Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) is known to affect deer, however biting insects called midges have spread the disease to cattle this summer.

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Harsh Summer Could Mean a Challenging Fall for Newborn Cal

Harsh Summer Could Mean a Challenging Fall for Newborn Calves


The heat of summer may soon be over but the lasting effects of hot weather are far from behind us. Many cattle producers will begin to see the continued impact of this summer’s hot, dry weather as fall calving season begins.

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Cowboys and cattle rustlers

Cowboys and cattle rustlers

Paul Harden

The Westerner

The origin of the cowboy came from medieval Spain and then to the New World centuries later by the Spaniards.

During the Middle Ages, many Spaniards were nomadic, always on the move to avoid ruthless rulers and invading Moorish armies.

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Hay Supplies Collapse Following Two Drought Years

Hay Supplies Collapse Following Two Drought Years

CME Group

As cow-calf producers prepare for the coming winter months, feed availability will likely remain a concern. Hay prices have increased sharply in the last two years following significant drought conditions in the Southern Plains (2011) and in the Midwest and Great Plains (2012).

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