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People love pets.  Let me rephrase that; pets have a welcome place in many households around the country.  Approximately 1/3 of all homes in the U.S. have a cat or dog.

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Vigilance, Proper Medication Crucial For Successful BRD Treatment

Vigilance, Proper Medication Crucial For Successful BRD Treatment

Oklahoma Farm Report

The late summer and early fall is a prime time for Bovine Respiratory Disease to show up in beef calves. Beef veterinarian Larry Hollis talks Radio Oklahoma Network Farm Director Ron Hays in the latest Beef Buzz about how producers should manage B-R-D in their herds. He stresses the importance of producers being able to identify the disease in its early stages.

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Winter Wheat Grazing Options

Winter Wheat Grazing Options

Beef Today

Recent rains have given producers hope that they will be able to plant wheat this fall. Producers may be looking to plant wheat not only for a grain crop but also to provide some fall and early spring grazing, says a University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist.

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Feed Cost Comparison Spreadsheet Available

Feed Cost Comparison Spreadsheet Available


Responding to producer requests, SDSU Extension has developed and released a feedstuff cost comparison calculator.  The spreadsheet allows livestock producers to compare the cost and feed values of various feed sources, an especially critical management decision as the drought continues to drive up the price of livestock feed.

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Cattle diet quality during drought

Cattle diet quality during drought

Ken Olson

Tri-State Livestock News

I hear people talking these days about the need to provide supplemental nutrients during drought because the brown, dormant forage we see on rangeland is low in quality. On the other hand, I have often heard producers say they weaned their heaviest calves in drought years.

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Shrinking Cattle Numbers Could Lead To Permanent Downsizing

Shrinking Cattle Numbers Could Lead To Permanent Downsizing

Wes Ishmael


Feedlot pens were beginning to stand vacant and ethanol plants were going dark before the Aug. 10 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates confirmed what the market had anticipated. Best-case scenario, this year’s drought-hammered corn crop will come in around 10.8 billion bu., 13% less than the previous year’s crop. . .

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Prepare Before You Pull (that difficult birth)

Prepare Before You Pull (that difficult birth)

Where Food Comes From

The fall-calving season is underway.  Before applying the obstetrical chains to "pull" a calf during a difficult birth, a proper analysis of the situation must be made.  Wash the vulva, anus and the area in between using soap and warm water.  Pulling on a calf should only be done when the presentation and posture of the calf are normal.

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NCBA Urges EPA to Not Lower the Dust Standard

NCBA Urges EPA to Not Lower the Dust Standard


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) clearly spelled out its opposition to any attempt by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to lower the coarse particulate matter (PM) National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) in its official comments submitted to the agency last week.

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Owners express frustration about not being able to take cows home

Owners express frustration about not being able to take cows home

Kirk Clyatt


Monday night we told you about the 39 stolen cows going home to Massachusetts from a Lancaster County animal auction stable, but now what was going to be a happy ending has turned into a frustrating time of worrying and wondering what is going to happen next to these 39 cows.

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Arizona cattle rancher finds old ways are new again

Arizona cattle rancher finds old ways are new again

Shaun McKinnon

The Arizona Republic

. . . Few jobs evoke the rugged glamor, the lasting images or the very Westernness of the West as much as that of the rancher. Immortalized in Zane Grey paperbacks, in John Wayne movies, in Frederic Remington sculptures, the rancher is the face of the West for much of the world.

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