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Risk Management

Risk Management

Kim Holt

Angus Journal

Cattle prices are historically high, and inputs are, too. But if you’re looking to cut costs, your herd health program is not the area, cautions Charlie Stoltenow, North Dakota State University Extension veterinarian

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Make Culling Decisions to Protect Cattle Herd Genetics

Make Culling Decisions to Protect Cattle Herd Genetics

Sara Brown

Beef Today

Drought covering the major cow-calf states has put a halt to heifer retention and put many cull cows on the fast track to greener pastures. This year, cow-calf producers with low forage supplies may need to do some deep culling to the herd to keep feed costs in check.

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Majority Of Beef’s Lost Dollars Due To Quality Grade Deficiencies

Majority Of Beef’s Lost Dollars Due To Quality Grade Deficiencies

Steve Kay


Beef packers have spent years finding ways to add value to a carcass. Given the volume of cattle they handle, an extra 1¢/lb. can add up to millions of new dollars captured. Producers have also focused on adding value to calves and fed cattle. Yet there’s still more to be captured, according to the 2011 National Beef Quality Audit.

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Cattle rustling

Cattle rustling

Sue Eckhoff

Reinbeck Courier

In the old west, rustling was considered a serious offense and frequently resulted in lynching. Cattle rustling by Indians was a common hazard for many settlers also. Though the Indians more often stole horses, when their food supply was short they drove off and butchered beef.

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How I Got Started with Ed Burchell

How I Got Started with Ed Burchell

Baltimore Business Journal

What is it? There is Roseda Farm, which I own 100 percent, and that is our Black Angus breeding operation. That focuses on breeding genetics for high quality beef. There is also Roseda Beef, which I merged in January 2011 with Bill Ruppersberger’s local processing plant to form Old Line Custom Meat Co. Bill and I are 50/50 partners.

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Memorial heifer scholarship to be awarded

Memorial heifer scholarship to be awarded

The Leaf Chronicle

A continuing heifer scholarship program awarding a registered Simmental or SimAngus heifer to a junior cattle person has evolved into a memorial scholarship program with multiple donors.

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Research Woes: Ag research has obstacles

Research Woes: Ag research has obstacles


Country World

Whether its eradicating a crop pest like the boll weevil or developing a product that absorbs 200 times its weight in water, agriculture researchers have helped make American agriculture the envy of the world. That continues to be the case, but funding for agriculture research has leveled off in the last 30 years, while other countries, most notably China and Brazil, now spend more public money on agriculture research than the United States.

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Corn shortage, tight cow supplies clash

Corn shortage, tight cow supplies clash

Marko Manoukian

Great Falls Tribune

From both an economic and a pasture/range resource perspective, national recovery from two years of drought will be a multiyear endeavor for the cattle industry. The 2011 drought caused national beef cow numbers to decline dramatically, led by herd liquidations in Texas and Oklahoma.

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PETA’s beef ‘facts’ not factual

PETA’s beef ‘facts’ not factual

Steve Brooks


. . . But that’s where my agreement with PETA’s Heather Moore ends. Her guest column (“Go vegan during drought,” Aug. 17) promoting veganism in response to the drought is full of faulty, illogical assertions.

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Hazard on the fairway: Cattle and cow pies

Hazard on the fairway: Cattle and cow pies

Justin Hinkley

Battle Creek Enquirer

They pummeled down the fairway, maybe 20, 25 of these dusty, mooing beef cattle, stampeding straight toward Wagar’s tee before banking left into a cluster of trees. Wagar and his team chuckled and his buddy puffed on a cigar, waiting patiently for the movable hazard to get out of the way.

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