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Video Feature: Cattle Handling Tips – Weaning & Pre-Conditioning

Culling strategies for cows during drought situations

Culling strategies for cows during drought situations


As everyone knows water and feed resources for cattle are becoming limited with the long hot dry weather. Management and selective culling of these cattle right now is important to maintain a viable cattle herd in the future and to maximize performance of the limited resources.

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Vaccine Selection

Vaccine Selection

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

The best vaccine decisions come with local veterinarian’s input.

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New Research Shows Cattle Producers Doing the Right Thing

New Research Shows Cattle Producers Doing the Right Thing

Oklahoma Farm Report

Results from the 2012 National Beef Quality Audit show that beef producers are overwhelmingly doing what’s right says Jason Ahola, a Colorado State University professor who helped author this year’s study. In the second part of a two-part Beef Buzz, Ahola says producers have some surprising reasons for implementing quality assurance practices.

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Finding efficiency with forages

Finding efficiency with forages

Kindra Gordon

Progressive Cattleman

Today’s U.S. beef industry is certainly in unchartered territory – cattle prices have seen historical highs, but so have production costs. Because of this, Jeff Geider, Director of the Institute of Ranch Management at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, says “Higher prices for livestock will not guarantee profitability. It all depends on what it cost to produce them.”

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What’s the Future for This Year’s Calf Crop?

What’s the Future for This Year’s Calf Crop?

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

Following the typical supply and demand economics model, many people expected this year to be the one when the U.S. cattle herd would start rebuilding, as cattle prices move higher and heifers are retained.

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Boutique boom?

Boutique boom?

Dan Murphy


As a relatively new vendor at the Santa Monica, Calif., farmers market, Rancho San Julian would be a perfect brand to promote the firm’s marketing message: Locally grown beef from grassfed cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics.

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Can Cows Lying Down Predict Rain?

Can Cows Lying Down Predict Rain?

Matt Brickman


We have all cool tech toys to help us forecast the weather, but for centuries, there have been stories about how animals help make predictions.

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Calif. slaughterhouse gets USDA approval to reopen

Calif. slaughterhouse gets USDA approval to reopen


Lake Wylie Pilot

A slaughterhouse at the center of a food safety and cruelty investigation resumed operations Monday after federal officials approved its plan to improve treatment of animals.

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Drought means livestock producers need to creatively manage feed rations

Drought means livestock producers need to creatively manage feed rations


The worst drought on record in Ohio has forced many livestock producers to choose between culling their herds or forking over significantly more money to feed their cattle. But a pair of Ohio State University Extension experts said that producers might want to consider "outside-the-box" management ideas to try to minimize the economic losses.

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