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Genomics and the Rancher

Genomics and the Rancher

Troy Smith

Herford World

It takes time and observation to evaluate how a new technology will influence beef cattle production at the ranch level. According to a pair of animal scientists making presentations at the 2011 Range Beef Cow Symposium in Mitchell, Neb., that’s the case for genomics — the study of genes and their function in order to understand how they influence differences among living beings.

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Fall calving preparation

Fall calving preparation

Dave Barz

Tri State Livestock News

Summer is rapidly coming to a close. At least we finally broke the intense heat and most of us got some needed rain. It won’t help the corn much, but we still have a chance on some of the beans.

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Synchronizing Their Cows Led The Way

Synchronizing Their Cows Led The Way

Kindra Gordon         


What’s the best decision you’ve ever made for your ranch? Glenfield, ND, Angus breeders Justin and Nathan Spickler say it’s replacing heat detection with a synchronization program during artificial insemination (AI) – and it happened out of necessity.
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Silage Harvesting and Storage

Silage Harvesting and Storage

University of Wisconsin

Corn should be harvested for silage at a moisture content that will ensure good storage in the silo. Harvesting within the ranges shown in table 3 will promote good packing and will minimize losses due to heating or runoff. Silage ensiled too wet may ferment poorly and seep. Seepage removes nutrients, particularly soluble nitrogen and carbohydrates, and can damage the silo.

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Feeding drought stressed corn silage to beef cattle

Feeding drought stressed corn silage to beef cattle

Dan B. Faulkner, University of Illinois

Paul Walker, Illinois State University

During drought conditions many producers will seek ways to get some economic return from drought-damaged corn. Feeding corn to livestock may be the best alternative use for this material. If a producer does not have the facilities or livestock to use the drought-stressed corn, it may be possible to sell the corn to someone who can use the feed.

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Salvaging standing corn as baleage

Salvaging standing corn as baleage


This summer’s high temperatures and lack of precipitation has played havoc on grain fields. In some cases the standing corn looks fair while other fields it is completely burned up. In many fields in which the standing corn looks decent, upon further inspection it is seen that the ears are poorly pollinated or completely barren.

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Plan ahead when vaccinating early-weaned calves

Plan ahead when vaccinating early-weaned calves

Russ Daly, DVM


Veterinarians and cattle producers have long embraced pre-weaning vaccinations as effective ways to reduce the impact of respiratory disease in calves following the stress of weaning.

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Military, Department of Agriculture to help livestock producers

Military, Department of Agriculture to help livestock producers

Jennifer Rizzo


As the nation’s ranches and farms endure one of the most severe droughts in decades, the Obama administration has ordered the Pentagon to look into purchasing a "second helping" of all things meat.

The military already buys approximately 94 million pounds of beef, 64 million pounds of pork, and 500,000 pounds of lamb each year. That food gets eaten by troops around the world, even in combat zones like Afghanistan.

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Sexing Technologies Renews Long-Term Contract with ABS Global, Inc.

Sexing Technologies Renews Long-Term Contract with ABS Global, Inc.


Sexing Technologies, a leading provider of sex-sorted semen processing services in domestic and foreign markets, and an innovator of artificial insemination and IVF technologies in the livestock breeding industry, announced today that it has renewed a long-term, multi-million dollar contract with ABS Global, Inc. (“ABS”), one of its long-standing customers, to provide custom sexed semen processing services using proprietary sorting technology.

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Philadelphia Cowshare brings local grass fed beef to Philly

Philadelphia Cowshare brings local grass fed beef to Philly

Philadelphia Magazine

Becky Kerner

Like beef but suffer from an overbearing conscience? Here’s a way to have your meat and eat it, too: Philadelphia CowShare, a farm-to-table, CSA-like service in which subscribers receive deliveries of farm-fresh, grass-fed beef right to their doors. Yup, that’s right—Philly is sharing cows.

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