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Video Feature: 2011 National Beef Quality Audit’s Take-Home Message

With the 2011 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) now published, what’s the take-home message for cow-calf producers? Cattlemen showed they can make great strides when the industry tackles important issues, like carcass quality. But the 2011 NBQA identified food safety and flavor as among the important issues. Ranchers are the foundation of the beef production system, and their decisions regarding production practices set the stage for the industry’s ability to produce a safe, wholesome and flavorful product to consumers.

Rain Can Accentuate Nitrates in Corn

Rain Can Accentuate Nitrates in Corn

Jim Dickrell

Beef Today

If your corn fields have been one of the lucky few to receive rain recently, the added moisture can actually increase the risk of nitrates in the plant.

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Distillers Grains Boost Gains On Tall Fescue

Distillers Grains Boost Gains On Tall Fescue

Hay & Forage Grower

Feed intake of steers fed tall fescue hay in a University of Kentucky experiment increased when moderate amounts of dried corn ethanol distillers grains were added to their diets.

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Cattlemen’s Beef Board Federation of State Beef Councils Announce Restructure

Cattlemen’s Beef Board Federation of State Beef Councils Announce Restructure

Agri Marketing

A newly approved structure for joint beef checkoff committees endeavors to engage more cattle producers and beef importers who pay the checkoff in a more efficient decision-making process about investment of their hard-earned checkoff investments.

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Modern cattle require less feed and water

Modern cattle require less feed and water

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

Modern beef cattle are models of efficiency.

Better genetic selection, improved nutrition, pasture management and disease control have created a beef animal that uses 80 percent less feed and 88 percent less water to achieve market weight compared to animals in the past.

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Grandin urges 4-H, FFA Youth to help urban colleagues understand farm life

Grandin urges 4-H, FFA Youth to help urban colleagues understand farm life

Mary Hightower

Delta Farm Press

Youth in agriculture should use social media to show their city counterparts the positive work they do with animals, Temple Grandin told 4-H and FFA members Sunday at the C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center.

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Mennonite group spurs hay donations to farms

Mennonite group spurs hay donations to farms

Zanesville Times Recorder

Drought-stricken dairy farmers struggling to feed cattle in eastern Ohio are getting hay donations from around the country, thanks to a plea from a Mennonite agency.

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The fairest man I know

The fairest man I know

Rapid City Journal

Frank Carroll

. . .I’m not a rancher but I was angered by the last three years prior to this year watching hay pile up and rot in the fields of South Dakota while Texas suffered, bales of hay stacked up across the Badlands so high it probably constituted an OSHA hazard. My rancher friends said they were just holding the hay for the drought years. Maybe so.

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President’s meat purchase plan leaves out beef

President’s meat purchase plan leaves out beef

Kristen Johnson


The president’s plan to buy up 170-million dollars worth of fish and meat may be the shot in the arm some livestock producers need.

Some, in cattle country may be left wondering, ‘where’s the beef?’  We found out why it was left off the menu.

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Fall Calving Following a Drought

Fall Calving Following a Drought

Kalyn Bischoff


The state of South Dakota ranks fifth within the United States in total cow/calf production. There are approximately 29.9 million cows in the United States cattle herd, with 1.61 million of those beef cows in the state of South Dakota.

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