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Video: Key Findings of the Recently Released Beef Quality Audit

The highly detailed audit reveals how the industry has made significant improvements

Low Stress Cattle Handling Makes Good Sense

Low Stress Cattle Handling Makes Good Sense

Michelle Proctor and Craig Payne

Cattle Today

Low-stress cattle handling is an economically sound business decision, as well as an animal welfare issue. Aggressive handling of cattle can result in bruising and damage which lowers carcass value in addition to causing stress which can impact the animal’s overall health.

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Why use the EPDs?

Why use the EPDs?

Sally Northcutt

Angus Journal

Sale books, advertisements and web pages are full of cattle performance measures. Advancements in genomic tests for incorporation into expected progeny differences (EPDs) have further expanded the list of information bits provided to characterize Angus cattle. But which selection tools should you use for genetic improvement?

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Weaning and Heat Stress Don’t Mix

Weaning and Heat Stress Don’t Mix

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

If there is a drawback to fall calving, it is summer weaning. Calves are under enough stress as it is. Add summer heat and humidity, and you’ve got the potential for real trouble.

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Early-weaning considerations for calves

Early-weaning considerations for calves

Gayle Smith

Tri-State Livestock News

As pasture conditions continue to deteriorate, producers are considering early weaning their calves to reduce cows’ grazing pressure. Dr. Richard Randle, University of Nebraska extension veterinarian, cautions producers to plan ahead for early weaning.

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Drought Strategies Concerning Livestock

Drought Strategies Concerning Livestock


Strategies to deal with drought are hardly ever palatable or easy to implement. With much of the country experiencing below normal precipitation and hot temperatures, many people are either experiencing drought conditions or are on the verge of a drought.

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Federation of State Beef Councils awards state grants

Federation of State Beef Councils awards state grants


Members of the Federation of State Beef Councils addressed  changing industry and consumer landscapes during meetings at the 2012 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, July 25-28. As part of its efforts, the Federation approved changes to Joint Beef Checkoff Committees and awarded promotional grants to beef councils in states with a high consumer-to-cattle ratio.

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Ranching for Profitability

Ranching for Profitability

Caroline Sabin

The Fence Post

Over 30 participants from five area counties participated in the Ranching for Profitability workshop held recently at the Lincoln-McPherson County Extension meeting room. It was one of a series of six workshops held at various Nebraska locations.

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Livestock producers request waiver on ethanol rule

Livestock producers request waiver on ethanol rule

Christopher Doering

Des Monies Register

The livestock and poultry industry asked the Obama administration on Monday to temporarily suspend a mandate requiring ethanol to be blended into gasoline, a measure they said is having a devastating impact on producers and consumers suffering through the worst drought to hit the United States in more than 50 years.

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Heat And Drought Lead To Ear Rot Potential In Corn Grain, Silage

Heat And Drought Lead To Ear Rot Potential In Corn Grain, Silage


Heat and drought in the Corn Belt have created the perfect conditions for Aspergillus ear rot to develop in corn grain and silage – something Purdue Extension plant pathologists say grain and livestock producers need to prepare for.

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