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Ranchers Trump Politicians and Activists When it Comes to Cattle Care

Ranchers Trump Politicians and Activists When it Comes to Cattle Care

Joe Parker, Jr.

The Cattleman

If history is any indicator, then we can be sure of one thing — when the government gets too involved, the problem usually gets worse. Flip through pages of history and you’ll see examples of this time and time again.


Hydraulic chute/tilt table a great investment

Hydraulic chute/tilt table a great investment

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

At the Beard-Navasota Veterinary Hospital in Navasota, Texas, investing back into the practice and in technology has paid off.

One of the most used pieces of equipment has been a hydraulic chute/tilt table used in the haul-in facilities at the practice.


Apply Simple Concepts to Improve Decision Making

Apply Simple Concepts to Improve Decision Making

Dr. Jane Parish

Cattle Today

Most cattle producers strive to make good decisions on their operations. Many seek out information, formal or informal education, and advice from trusted sources in attempts to improve decision making.


Forage quality vs. forage yield

Forage quality vs. forage yield

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

Volatility in the cow-calf industry continues to be a challenge for producers. Although cow-calf producers seem to be in the driver’s seat as a result of low beef cow inventory, overbuilt bunk space in the feedyard and good demand, their annual cow costs continue to rise.


BeefTalk: Tough Decisions But Cattle Must Pay for Themselves

BeefTalk: Tough Decisions But Cattle Must Pay for Themselves

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The weather continues to make life interesting. I am tempted to say the weather makes life difficult. If that were true, life always would be difficult because, as long as the Earth spins and continues its rotation around the sun, the weather never will be uninteresting or constant.


Dead Cattle, Devastation in Wake of Western Fires

Dead Cattle, Devastation in Wake of Western Fires

Flathead Beacon

Cecil and Delores Kolka thought they escaped the worst of the Ash Creek Fire when the 390-square-mile blaze spared their home and several pastures as it ripped through the couple’s Montana cattle ranch.

But when the family went to round up their livestock they encountered carnage — the charred and bloated bodies of an estimated 400 cows and calves killed as the fire torched a series of narrow, thickly forested draws on the nearby Custer National Forest.


Industry beef with USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ puts plan in cold storage

Industry beef with USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ puts plan in cold storage


Wichita Eagle

Imagine the Department of Education pushing an idea called "Teacherless Tuesday," or the Department of Homeland Security suggesting "Fenceless Friday." The Department of Agriculture, promoter of all things edible, had a plan this week in an in-house newsletter to promote "Meatless Mondays" in the vast bureaucracy’s employee cafeterias.


Cowards: USDA reneges on support for Meatless Monday

Cowards: USDA reneges on support for Meatless Monday

Daily Kos

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

. . . You are seeing the last gasps of an industry that is clearly on the brink of extinction.  There is no way that our carbon intense/resource intense meat eating habit can carry on into our population stretched, climate challenged future.  It’s just too bad that the USDA doesn’t have the cojones to face the inevitable.


Smaller cattle may fit future better

Smaller cattle may fit future better

Calvin Daniels

Yorkton This Week

Sometimes a common theme seems to pop up and take over at times in terms of writing a column on a sector for some 20-plus years, and this month it seems to be the changing view of the optimum size of cattle.


Bos Indicus Cross Boasts Carcass Quality

Bos Indicus Cross Boasts Carcass Quality

Larry Stalcup


The common rap on Bos indicusis they can’t grade, but Pine Ridge Ranch claims its cross not only provides heat tolerance but provides tender carcasses at 85% Choice, with no Yield Grade 4s and 5s.