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Beef: Grass-fed vs. corn-fed

Beef: Grass-fed vs. corn-fed

Sarah Baker Hansen

Omaha World Herald

My grass-fed cow didn’t have a name.

It wasn’t my pet. I never touched it, never fed it, never got within ten steps of it. I knew what the cow looked like, but I didn’t know it.


When it comes to what to do with damaged crops covered by crop insurance, if in doubt, please ask!

When it comes to what to do with damaged crops covered by crop insurance, if in doubt, please ask!


. . . chopping off nearly dead corn fields for silage/stover just to make a little feed for cattle will be considered as harvesting a crop. The value of that silage/stover will then be deducted from the potential payout from any crop insurance on that farm’s field.


Pregnancy Checking Your Cows Saves Money

Pregnancy Checking Your Cows Saves Money

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Most beef producers routinely have their cows checked for pregnancy after the breeding season. This is an effective tool to help determine which cows to keep and which ones to sell.


How & What Will We Feed Cattle?

How & What Will We Feed Cattle?

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

People known to be deep-thinkers are pondering the future of cattle feeding. It’s a risky business, and anyone anticipating long-term involvement has to be thinking about the sustainability of cattle feeding. Of course, the industry as we know it is a product of evolution.


Vilsack Releases CRP Land Almost Nationwide

Vilsack Releases CRP Land Almost Nationwide

Southern Livestock Standard

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack yesterday announced that virtually all farmland enrolled in the federal Conservation Reserve Program has been released for haying and grazing by livestock farmers.


House Passes Youth Labor Legislation

House Passes Youth Labor Legislation

Beef Today

The Obama Administration’s Department of Labor (DOL) withdrew its proposed rule regarding youth in agriculture on April 26, 2012, but some felt that wasn’t enough to provide certainty to the agriculture community.


Nebraska Cattlemen Struggling with 2012 Drought Conditions

Nebraska Cattlemen Struggling with 2012 Drought Conditions

Oklahoma Farm Report

Nebraska Cattlemen Struggling with 2012 Drought Conditions After the southern plains was ravaged by drought in 2011, similar stories that were unfolding last year in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and southern Kansas are happening to the north and east of the 2011 drought epicenter.


Haying, ensiling immature corn poses challenges

Haying, ensiling immature corn poses challenges

North Dakota State University

Some North Dakota producers may be faced with having to use their corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, oat or other crops for hay, grazing or silage because of this year’s drought conditions.


Drought Causing Problems for Livestock

Drought Causing Problems for Livestock

Joseph St. George


The drought that has plagued much of the country is now affecting farmers in ways beyond crops.

For livestock farmers, the warm conditions are effecting how much cattle eat.


USDA Withdraws Meatless Monday Support

USDA Withdraws Meatless Monday Support

Joe Roybal


Following a whirlwind of afternoon activity on social media generated by an internal USDA newsletter advocating support for Meatless Monday, USDA disavowed on Wednesday afternoon, claiming that the item had not undergone proper approval.