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I was watching Will trying to entice a small bunch of cows through an open gate by baiting them with protein pellets.

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Forage Situation Calls for Desperate Measures

Forage Situation Calls for Desperate Measures

Fran Howard

Beef Today

U.S. forage supplies will be significantly lower this year, especially in an area stretching from Kansas east to New York and north into Manitoba and southern Wisconsin.

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Short-Term and Supplemental Forages

Short-Term and Supplemental Forages

Iowa Beef Center

Beef cattle producers may look to short-term or temporary forages to stretch production on fewer acres. Nearly all of the short-term choices are fast-growing annual crops. Traditionally, the sorghums and millets have been planted for summer forage.

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Getting Additional Forage this Fall

Getting Additional Forage this Fall

Dan Undersander, Shawn Conley

University of Wisconsin

Some farmers need additional forage and want to plant a second crop following wheat or corn taken early for silage due to drought.  As of July 15, the best option is to wait until after August 1, and then consider planting oats with or without peas.

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Ohio State offers resources to manage drought

Ohio State offers resources to manage drought

Tracy Turner

AG Answers

As the drought of 2012 continues to intensify statewide, Ohio State University Extension experts have developed two websites dedicated to helping farmers, producers and consumers find ways to deal with the dry conditions and extreme heat.

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Kids keep showing cattle tradition alive

Kids keep showing cattle tradition alive



Seventeen-year-old Elaine Richardson of rural Jacksonville has won 13 or 14 breed championships and five or six overall championships during her eight years of showing cattle.

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U.S. farmers seen weathering 2012 drought better than in 1988

U.S. farmers seen weathering 2012 drought better than in 1988

Christine Stebbins

AG PRofessional

U.S. crops are taking a beating in the worst drought since 1988 but most farmers are not sweating like they did 24 years ago when a drought hit as they were just starting to recover from a farm depression that brought down a big slice of the Midwestern economy.

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Farmers in other states buying up Minnesota hay

Farmers in other states buying up Minnesota hay

IN Forum

As a record drought parches the nation’s midsection, ranchers are turning to Minnesota for hay to feed their cattle.

Harlan Anderson, who grows 800 acres of hay near Cokato, says he’s getting calls from just about every corner of the country from farmers who view Minnesota as an oasis.

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Drought forcing early cattle sell-offs

Drought forcing early cattle sell-offs

Roxana Hegeman

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Kansas cattleman Ken Grecian sold 20 pairs of cows and calves a few weeks after drought had sucked his pastures dry and no rain was in the forecast. He sold 20 more pairs Friday.

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IntegriMEAT, a DNA Tracking Program for Livestock

IntegriMEAT, a DNA Tracking Program for Livestock

Grocery Headquarters

BioPet Vet Lab, an animal biotechnology company specializing in DNA applications, has launched IntegriMEAT, a DNA-source verified program aimed to produce an identification and tracking program for America’s livestock.

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