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The Fly Over States

The Fly Over States

Gary Truit

Hoosier AG Today

. . .But now the term “fly over states” may have a new meaning. It may refer to states where the federal government is engaging in aerial surveillance of livestock operations. Sound like the plot of a conspiracy theory movie? The problem is, it is true and has become an issue in the Farm Bill debate.

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Study shows additional methionine improves efficiency in heifers

Study shows additional methionine improves efficiency in heifers

AG Weekly

An extra dose of certain amino acids can help cows better use dietary protein or the nutrients they consume, according to a new study published by Agricultural Research Service scientists at the Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory (LARRL) in Miles City.

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Producers Excited by Foreign Marketing Opportunities

Producers Excited by Foreign Marketing Opportunities

Cattle Today

Beef checkoff dollars continue to be invested in foreign marketing activities to build global demand for beef and maintain beef’s positive image.

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Predicting Heat Stress in the Herd

Predicting Heat Stress in the Herd

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

When is the summer heat just too much for the herd? The first sign of real trouble is most likely a drop in feed consumption and that all-too-familiar image of cattle spending all of their time in muddy areas, ponds or streams.

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Tips to Help Cattle Producers Deal with Drought

Tips to Help Cattle Producers Deal with Drought

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

For cattle producers, drought always presents a major challenge, but there are ways to get through it and survive another year.

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Midwest Farmers Battling Worst US Drought in Generation

Midwest Farmers Battling Worst US Drought in Generation

Voice of America

Record high temperatures and a lack of rainfall are creating the worst drought conditions for U.S. farmers in a generation.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared more than 1000 counties in 26 states natural disaster areas as crops there deteriorate.

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UT Extension Web site to offer drought relief for farmers, ranchers

UT Extension Web site to offer drought relief for farmers, ranchers

Tracee Tolentino

"It’s just all put together in one place so they can find what they need in just a few clicks to try to make them a little more nimble in making their decisions and have the power of information all in one spot," Dr. Justin Rhinehart, UT Extension beef cattle specialist said.

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Rachel Grosse: Extension Agent

Rachel Grosse: Extension Agent

Powhatan Today

Since mid-March Rachel Grosse (pronounced Grah –see), a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, has been working as the agricultural extension agent for Powhatan and Goochland counties through the Virginia Cooperative Extension program, a partnership of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

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NCBA Holds Beef 101 Educational Series on Capitol Hill

NCBA Holds Beef 101 Educational Series on Capitol Hill


Beef 101 is an educational series for members of Congress and their staff. The program was developed to bridge the knowledge gap between elected officials and the beef industry. The session featured a presentation by University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Tom Field, Ph.D., who gave a general overview of the U.S. beef industry.

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Survey: 30% of meat eaters won’t date vegetarians

Survey: 30% of meat eaters won’t date vegetarians


Nearly one in three single meat-lovers would not date a vegetarian or vegan.

That’s according to a recent Love Bites survey of 4,000 singles conducted by TODAY.com and Match.com.  However, social stigma associated with a meat-free lifestyle isn’t all to blame. Instead, blame it on biology.

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