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Safely Harvesting Quality Forage in a Drought

Safely Harvesting Quality Forage in a Drought

Purdue Extension Educator Mark Kepler and Beef Specialist Dr. Ron Lemenager discuss how to safely harvest drought stressed forages.

Uses of DNA information on Commercial Cattle Ranches

Uses of DNA information on Commercial Cattle Ranches

Alison Van Eenennaam

Department of Animal Science, UC Davis

In the commercial cow-calf sector, the principal determinants of income are the number of sale animals and the value per sale animal. Most commercial producers sell their calves at weaning or shortly thereafter. Their financial returns are therefore very closely tied to the number of calves produced.

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BeefTalk: How Many Cows Are in the Pen?

BeefTalk: How Many Cows Are in the Pen?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist NDSU Extension Service

An interesting question: How many cows are in the pen? Do we know?

Perhaps the question seems out of place, but, as the Dickinson Research Extension Center shifts to May calving and grass beef production, the center needs to position itself to have the answers to the many questions that are associated with the change.

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Treat forage with ammonia for drought feed option

Treat forage with ammonia for drought feed option

Tom Holman, Gary Hergert, Aaron Berger, Extension Educator

Tri State Livestock News

The heat and drought have caused cattle producers to look for methods of adjusting to local conditions. Many who don’t want the expense of additional feeds are considering early weaning and selling replacement heifers. However, an alternative may be ammonia treatment of low-quality forages.

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Top 10 Drought Management Tips for Ranchers

Top 10 Drought Management Tips for Ranchers

Eric Mousel, Cody Wright, Matthew Diersen, South Dakota State University

Adjust stocking rates to match drought-induced reductions in forage yield, in order to avoid longterm damage to the base forage resource

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32 Years Behind Bars

32 Years Behind Bars

The Cattleman

TSCRA Special Ranger Jimmy Dickson uncovered a fantasy ranch developed by an unscrupulous ranch manager, using money and resources provided by the absentee ranch owner who was working in Kuwait at the time.

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Crossbreeding: Considerations and Alternatives in an Evolving Market

Crossbreeding: Considerations and Alternatives in an Evolving Market

Nevil Speer

Western Kentucky University

Crossbreeding most commonly invokes the free-lunch metaphor within the beef industry. The standard mantra is something to the effect of, “Hybrid vigor is the last free lunch, so get all you can with crossbreeding.”

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Unfavorable weather stresses livestock, their producers

Unfavorable weather stresses livestock, their producers

Eric Brown

The Fence Post

Low humidity, cool nights, cool breezes off the mountains and other aspects of the climate on the high plains of northeastern Colorado make the region one of the best in which to raise livestock — normally.

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Summertime blues for area livestock

Summertime blues for area livestock

Mike Van Sickle

Fayette County Union

As the drought continues, cattlemen are encouraged to look at numerous management practices to help stretch feed supplies and maintain performance and reproduction in the herd.

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Cheap Beef Isn’t Always a Positive

Cheap Beef Isn’t Always a Positive


The drought of 2012 now covers more than half of the continental United States. Temperatures have set records throughout 2012 leading to the warmest 12-month period since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began keeping records in 1895.

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