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Video Feature:  Dealing with nitrates in drought stressed corn, from a cattlemen’s perspective

Video Feature:  Dealing with nitrates in drought stressed corn, from a cattlemen’s perspective

Beef Extension Specialist Dr. Ron Lemenager and Ag Educator Mark Kepler share some insights concerning the problems of nitrate poisoning in drought affected forage.

Feeding cattle when drought takes the pasture

Feeding cattle when drought takes the pasture

Robert Fears    

Progressive Cattleman

We all hope that the severe drought of 2011 is over. If it is, we need to use what we learned and write a preparation plan for the next one.

Many ranchers ran out of grass during 2011, partly because they were overstocking their pastures before the drought began.

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Nitrate poisoning can kill livestock

Nitrate poisoning can kill livestock


Drought-stricken forages that accumulate nitrates can kill grazing livestock, quickly, warns a University of Missouri plant scientist.

“We’re getting reports of cattle dying,” says Rob Kallenbach, MU Extension forage specialist. “As hot weather without rain continues, we expect to hear of more death losses. It happens at the start of every drought.”

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Cattlemen Targeted for Surveillance by EPA Drones

Cattlemen Targeted for Surveillance by EPA Drones

Todd Neeley


EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks remembers the conversation like it was yesterday.

He called Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Director Mike Linder prior to conducting controversial EPA flyovers of concentrated animal feeding operations in the state about two years ago.

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USDA’s ‘New’ Mandatory Animal ID Proposal Raises Industry Concerns

USDA’s ‘New’ Mandatory Animal ID Proposal Raises Industry Concerns

Oklahoma Farm Report

During most of the first Barrack Obama term in the White House, his USDA has been working on a "new" proposal for a mandatory national animal identification program.

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Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens

Bryan Walsh


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

And here’s better news: eating green is good for you. The very foods with a high carbon cost–red meat, pork, dairy products, processed snacks–also tend to be laden with fat and calories.

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Good time to keep herd records

Good time to keep herd records


The Eagle

When I managed ranches as a young man, my biggest challenge was getting everything done at the right time. After I grew older and enrolled in formal management training, I learned the value of written plans and task calendars.

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NCBA Redbooks Available For Purchase

NCBA Redbooks Available For Purchase

Agri Marketing

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association reports: The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association , the largest and oldest national organization representing U.S. cattle producers, published the 2013 version of its Integrated Resource Management Redbooks.

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Beef producers can survive the drought

Beef producers can survive the drought

Kevin Gould

Michigan State University

Drought conditions across the Midwest have producers evaluating feeding scenarios for beef cow-calf pairs. As pasture conditions deteriorate, we need to be thinking about management plans for calf nutrition and performance.

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Drought forcing ranchers to Plan B

Drought forcing ranchers to Plan B

Greg Henderson


The hottest year on record and the worst drought in a generation has ranchers across America switching to Plan B – early weaning, culling, feeding hay or shipping cattle early. Some ranchers in areas hardest hit by drought are forced to sell their entire herds.

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