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Video Feature: Early Weaning as a Drought Strategy

Video Feature:  Early Weaning as a Drought Strategy

Purdue extension educator Mark Kepler and beef specialist Dr. Ron Lemenager discuss methods of early weaning and cautions that must be realized, in times of drought.

Corn silage could salvage some value for drought-damaged crop

Corn silage could salvage some value for drought-damaged crop

Jennifer Stewart

AG Answers

Farmers with drought-damaged cornfields could consider harvesting the crop for livestock feed to salvage some of its value and to help livestock producers supplement short forage supplies, says a Purdue Extension forage specialist.

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Sale Barns Busy as Grazing Dries Up

Sale Barns Busy as Grazing Dries Up

Emily Garnett


June is normally the slow month for the Arkansas Cattle Auction sale barn in Searcy, Ark. But not this year.

The auction, which has an annual average weekly sale between 500 and 600 head, usually drops into the 400-head range in early summer, owner Randy Goodman told DTN. However, last week his barn sold 1,400 head.

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Where’s agriculture’s passion?

Where’s agriculture’s passion?

Mike Barnett

The Cattle Business Weekly

It always puzzles me why farmers and ranchers don’t get more incensed about those people who viciously attack what they do. I’m talking the anti-GMO crowd, animal rights activists-those few with loud voices who grab the headlines in newspapers and the internet-who passionately deride modern agriculture as evil and misguided and are finding a growing audience.

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When Forage Supplies Run Short

When Forage Supplies Run Short

Hay & Forage Producer

Beef producers can hope for the best but should plan for the worst in years like this, when pasture and hay supplies run low. One drought year, if not managed properly, will affect profits for three years, say Ron Lemenager and Keith Johnson, Purdue University animal scientist and agronomist, respectively.

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Five Tips For Ensiling Drought-Stressed Corn

Five Tips For Ensiling Drought-Stressed Corn

 Jim Dickrell,

Beef Today

Drought-stressed corn can still make some fairly good feed–if it’s harvested, ensiled and fed correctly. In fact, it can have up to 70% of the feed value of normal corn silage.

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Getting Through the Drought

Getting Through the Drought

Carol Sanders

University of Arkansas

The drought is not likely to end and may intensify through September unless tropical storms bring relief according to predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With that in mind, Dr. David Fernandez, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Cooperative Extension Program livestock specialist, offers tips to producers, especially those in southwestern Arkansas where the drought is most severe.

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Nebraska Ranks No.1 in Beef Production

Nebraska Ranks No.1 in Beef Production

RC Hansen

News Net Nebraska

Even though Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State, corn is not number one.

Nebraska has the nation’s top ranking for red meat production. The state’s geography and exports are key factors.

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Castrate Calves as Early as Possible to Reduce Stress

Castrate Calves as Early as Possible to Reduce Stress

Dr. Carla L. Hutson

Cattle Today

Castration is an essential management procedure for the cow-calf producer that is often performed for both handling and economic reasons. Castration reduces aggression and mounting behavior and helps prevent unwanted matings.

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EPA fines beef feedlot near Broken Bow $145,000

EPA fines beef feedlot near Broken Bow $145,000

Lincoln Journal Star

Adams Land and Cattle Co., a beef feedlot south of Broken Bow, has agreed to pay a $145,000 fine for illegal discharges into Mud Creek, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced.

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