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Real World 101 Event Showcases True Beef Profitability

Real World 101 Event Showcases True Beef Profitability


Young and old alike will have an opportunity to see, in a real world setting, the direct relationship between feed efficiency, carcass cutability and profitability. The Iowa Limousin Association, Wulf Cattle, Morris, Minnesota, and Iowa State University, Animal Science & Meat Lab will host an innovative and unique educational seminar during the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress, Thursday, July 12, in Des Moines.

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Managing Potential High Nitrate Summer Annuals

Managing Potential High Nitrate Summer Annuals

Oklahoma State University

Hot dry summer weather brings about heat and drought stress on summer annuals. Stressed plants such as the forage sorghums can occasionally accumulate dangerous concentrations of nitrates. These plants, either standing in the field, or fed as hay, can cause abortion in pregnant cattle, or death if consumed in great enough quantities.

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No one else should price what you produce

No one else should price what you produce

Jack Dillard

Shreveport Times

No one else should price what you produce, and most of us never would try to. We know we can price a product at a point the buyer will not buy. Case in point: The Cattle Range, a weekly beef cattle summary of activities, recently noted that beef exports through April were 11 percent below a year earlier level while imports were 22 percent higher in the United States.

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Herds need access to plenty of good water to thrive

Herds need access to plenty of good water to thrive


If you have been watching the thermometer or working outside, you know summer heat is upon us. Unfortunately the heat will continue to rise day by day without a lot of hope for abundant rainfall.

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Diagnosing lumps and bumps

Diagnosing lumps and bumps

John Campbell, Dvm, Dvsc

The Western Producer

Lumps on the head and jaw area of cattle are common. There are several potential causes, and treatment can vary depending on the cause.

Lumpy jaw is a bacterial infection of the jaw bone of cattle. It can affect either the lower or upper jaw but is most commonly seen on the lower jaw in the area of the cheek teeth.

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Why your hamburger hates America

Why your hamburger hates America

Tracie McMillan

Washington Post

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

. . . This concentration is a problem for animals, whose chances of a humane slaughter diminish substantially as they crowd into increasingly mammoth facilities, and it is a problem for workers, who are forced to pick up the pace.

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Why Consider Drylot?

Why Consider Drylot?

North Dakota State University

The drylot beef cow/calf enterprise is an alternative management system to traditional pasture or range beef production. Strictly defined, it is feeding confined cow/calf pairs in a feedlot environment during part or all of the traditional summer or fall-winter grazing season.

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Texas cattle deaths tied to toxic Bermuda grass

Texas cattle deaths tied to toxic Bermuda grass


The sun was setting when Jerry Abel’s cattle began to bellow on his Central Texas ranch. They were convulsing by the time he rushed to the pasture. Within hours, Abel had lost almost all his herd.

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Beef cattle markets more precise than in the past

Beef cattle markets more precise than in the past

Kevin S. Gould

South East Farm Press

Capitalizing on prices at the higher end of the ranges comes down to providing quality cattle to the marketplace and market timing.

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NMSU, beef industry to host national beef academy for youth

NMSU, beef industry to host national beef academy for youth

Jane Moorman

The Deming Headlight

New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service will expand its New Mexico Youth Ranch Management program by hosting a weeklong applied skills beef academy for youth from across the United States at the Valles Caldera National Preserve in northern New Mexico, July 8-13.

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Water, an Important Nutrient

Water, an Important Nutrient

Dr. Rick Rasby,  University of Nebraska

A number of factors interplay and make water requirement and needs difficult to assess. Because feeds themselves contain some water and the oxidation of certain nutrients in feeds produces water, not all must be provided as drinking water.

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