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Eastern Livestock Founder Receives 10 Year Sentence In Cattle Fraud Case

Eastern Livestock Founder Receives 10 Year Sentence In Cattle Fraud Case


Thomas "Tommy" Gibson, founder and former CEO of New Albany-based Eastern Livestock, was sentenced to 10 years in prison today in Metcalfe Circuit Court, according to a news release from Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway.

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Keeping The Factory Running

Keeping The Factory Running

Trey Patterson


If you were building a factory to produce a product, you would want the factory to have quality and efficiency built in.

But, you would also be very aware of the cost to build that factory. Why?

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Creep feed conversions for calves

Creep feed conversions for calves

Glenn Selk


Feed conversions of calves fed creep feeds have been quite variable to say the least.  Conversions of 5:1 or five pounds of grain consumed to one extra pound of calf weight are very rare and the optimum that can be expected when producers are using a "typical" high energy creep feed. 

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Organic Compounds Eliminate Disease Pathogens

Organic Compounds Eliminate Disease Pathogens


Natural compounds may offer an alternative to certain antibiotics in the future for treating young animals that are susceptible to bacterial infections, thanks to work by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists.

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Toxic grass behind mysterious cattle deaths

Toxic grass behind mysterious cattle deaths

Noel Brennan


The recent deaths of 15 cows in Elgin, Texas has Central Texas ranchers taking a closer look at what they’re feeding their cows.

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“Meat without Drugs” could be inhumane

“Meat without Drugs” could be inhumane

Scott Hurd DVM, PhD

Bovine Veterinarian

As a public health veterinarian, I am concerned that a campaign such as “Meat without Drugs” could result in “Animals without Health”. A new report from Consumer Reports provides some public opinion data that are not surprising.

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Going Local With Beef Sales

Going Local With Beef Sales

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Building a market to sell home-finished beef is all about consistency. You not only have to provide tasty, tender beef one year, but every year.

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BeefTalk: Does Late Calving Mean Late Weaning?

BeefTalk: Does Late Calving Mean Late Weaning?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Does late calving mean late weaning? The Dickinson Research Extension Center changed calving dates, so the bull turnout date this year will be Aug. 1.

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Developing A Ranch Biosecurity Plan

Developing A Ranch Biosecurity Plan

Burt Rutherford       


Consider the term “biosecurity” and what do you think of? People running around in hazmat suits conducting chemical warfare on some dreaded disease?

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Texas livestock tragedy compounded by Internet misinformation

Texas livestock tragedy compounded by Internet misinformation

Greg Henderson


A livestock tragedy in Texas earlier this month spawned an Internet butchering of the facts, leading to further misperceptions about agriculture and the technology used to produce food.

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