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5 Ways to Help Cattle Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Help Cattle Beat the Heat

June 27, 2012

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

Hot, muggy weather is already here, which means it will be a long hot summer, especially for livestock. "Animals, cattle included, have difficulty regulating their body temperature during extreme heat," says Missouri veterinarian Dan Goehl. That heat stress can lead to death.

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Vaccine could aid in horn fly control

Vaccine could aid in horn fly control


Country World

A lot of technologies, or at least the seed for those technologies, exist in sort of a vacuum between the university lab and the field where a farmer or rancher has to make a living.

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Survey Shows Producers Tolerate Aggressive Cows

Survey Shows Producers Tolerate Aggressive Cows

Brooke Aitken & Joseph Stookey    


Each year, beef producers are injured by overly aggressive cows at calving time. In fact, 23 people were killed by cows over a recent 15-year period in Canada. In the U.S., injury reporting by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 14% of fatalities caused by cattle are due to beef cows with calves.

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EPA might get earful about flyover program

EPA might get earful about flyover program

Joe Duggan

Omaha World Herald

Nebraska livestock farmers bent out of shape over a federal aerial surveillance program will get a chance next week to bend the ears of officials with the Environmental Protection Agency.

And it looks like Iowa producers will get to sound off at the end of August.

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Farmers, ranchers & consumers fight USDA animal ID scheme

Farmers, ranchers & consumers fight USDA animal ID scheme

Bandera County Courier

Agribusiness-friendly proposal viewed as threat to free commerce

A coalition of agriculture and consumer organizations from across the nation is challenging the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) decision to push ahead with a complicated and expensive Animal ID program.

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Lack of Pastureland Increases Cattle Sales

Lack of Pastureland Increases Cattle Sales

Clint Misselhorn


It’s brown, it’s dead, and it’s not growing. Area pastures are in poor shape. Anna cattle owner Oliver Ridgway says it’s time to sell cattle.

"Our pastures already dried up. The hayfields are cutting 50 percent less. CRP ground hasn’t been released so we can’t get hay there. So we’re forced, we’re in a bind" Ridgway said.

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Unlike Chicken And Pork, Beef Still Begins With Small Family Ranches

Unlike Chicken And Pork, Beef Still Begins With Small Family Ranches

Peggy Lowe

GPB News

In the chicken and pork industries, nearly every aspect of the animals’ raising has long been controlled by just a handful of agriculture conglomerates. But the cattle industry is still populated by mom-and-pop operations, at least at the calf-raising level.

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