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Going Local With Beef Sales

Going Local With Beef Sales

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Building a market to sell home-finished beef is all about consistency. You not only have to provide tasty, tender beef one year, but every year.

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Grazing Memory

Grazing Memory

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Livestock do not graze randomly, they prefer some grazing sites over others. This tendency can cause grazing distribution to be uneven throughout your pastures/paddocks. If uncorrected, grazing distribution problems increase grazing pressure on areas that are used.

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Making cowherd decisions during drought

Making cowherd decisions during drought

Ivan G. Rush

Tri State Livestock News

Drought continues its tight grip, leaving many ranchers with difficult decisions.

The first drought recommendation I give is to wean calves early. Calves born in January, February and early March weigh 300 pounds and go on feed very easily.

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Arkansas hay situation: “Critical Code Blue”

Arkansas hay situation: “Critical Code Blue”


Phil Sims, Extension staff chair in Pope County for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, had just three words Tuesday for the hay situation in Pope County: “Critical. Code Blue.”

Karen Haralson, a cattle producer in Atkins, backed Sims up, calling the pasture-robbing drought conditions “devastating.”

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Would you buy beef with antibiotics?

Would you buy beef with antibiotics?

Steve Myers

Connect Amarillo

Getting from meat on the hoof to eventually beef under cellophane is a complicated process for beef producers these days. Now throw in to the mix the debate of antibiotic use with cattle. For the most part, a very small percentage of beef is ever treated with antibiotics, and there there’s a withdrawal period that must be followed before that beef can go to market, according to Dr. Carter King, DVM.

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Drought-stricken Wyo. ranchers look to ND pastures

Drought-stricken Wyo. ranchers look to ND pastures


Drought-stricken cattle ranchers in Wyoming are looking to surrounding states for grazing land, and their best bet might be North Dakota, where farmers this year have been luckier than their neighbors.

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Cattle producers warned of heat stress

Cattle producers warned of heat stress

Dan Piller

Des Moines Register

Iowa cattle producers are warned of special needs for their animals going into the expected heat wave that is to begin Wednesday. The National Weather Service forecasts temperatures in t he upper 90s through Friday.

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Dear Rachael Ray

Dear Rachael Ray

Sarah Hubbart

Illinois Corn Corps

. . . So, I was understandably shocked by some of the food safety “tips” that you offered during the June 6 episode of The View. You were on the show promoting your new burger cookbook, but some of the food handling advice that you gave was more than a little troubling.

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Texas cattle industry is bouncing back

Texas cattle industry is bouncing back


Country World

The Texas cow herd may never be as big as it once was, but a livestock specialist from Texas AgriLife Extension believes that better — though different — times are ahead for Texas cattle raisers, who are still reeling from the effect of a long-term drought.

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Stocker and Feedlot Margins a Study in Contrasts

Stocker and Feedlot Margins a Study in Contrasts

Derrell S. Peel

Where Foods Comes From

The stocker and feedlot sectors provide a dramatic contrast in the economics of two beef industry sectors.  While the stocker sector sees opportunities with strong values for forage-based gains, the feedlot sector is under increasing pressure as limited feeder cattle supplies, high feed prices and excess capacity combine to result in severe feedlot losses.

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