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Back in Timber’s youth he got a job helpin’ gather wild cattle out of the fields of an Arizona cotton farmer.

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Warm Weather Brings Disease Risk

Warm Weather Brings Disease Risk


Dry farm fields and pastures are not the only challenges agricultural producers are facing so far this summer. Warmer-than-usual weather and a lack of precipitation are also contributing to disease threats to livestock, according to Kansas State University veterinarian Larry Hollis.

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Predator Protection for the Herd

Predator Protection for the Herd

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Don’t laugh. A donkey or llama in the herd can keep predators at bay. But be sure the feeds and supplements you’re using are safe for them.

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Drier Pastures Causing Cattle Movement

Drier Pastures Causing Cattle Movement

 Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

It is getting dry in too many places, say University of Missouri Extension economists Ron Plain and Scott Brown. Nationally, 28% of pastures were rated poor or very poor in mid-June.

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Tom Noffsinger, Pat Guptill share insight on cattle handling

Tom Noffsinger, Pat Guptill share insight on cattle handling

Melissa Burke

Tri State Livestock News

Low-stress animal handling was the topic of the day at the Tri-County Ag Day seminar, held June 8 at the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Cottonwood Research Station near Cottonwood, SD.

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Dealing with heat stress

Dealing with heat stress


As the temperature increases ranchers and feedlot operators start to worry about the well-being of their cattle. However, it is not just heat that plays a part in heat stress; producers need to monitor all weather conditions such as: temperature, humidity and wind, closely and start interventions early in the day, well before noon.

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Beef industry tops $2 billion in five states

Beef industry tops $2 billion in five states

Ron Plain and Scott Brown

Southwest Farm Press

Five U.S. states had a 2011 value of cattle production in excess of $2 billion: Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and California. The total for the U.S. was a record $45.176 billion, up $8.2 billion from the year before.

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Our Industry Needs A Prosperity Mentality

Our Industry Needs A Prosperity Mentality

Troy Marshall           


There is a trend that’s even more dangerous to the U.S. beef industry’s long-term health than the populist rhetoric that seeks to protect us from the invisible hand of the marketplace.

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The Opposite of Bulletproof

The Opposite of Bulletproof

John Harrington


When I first started watching cattle markets many years ago, some hard-bitten beef producers actually questioned the manliness of certain risk-management practices.

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Management Important for Internal Parasite Control

Management Important for Internal Parasite Control

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Over the past few decades, stockmen have come to depend on deworming drugs for internal parasite control—to the point of overusing some of these drugs.

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