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Make Sure Your Cows Are Paying the Bills

Make Sure Your Cows Are Paying the Bills

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

With healthy cattle prices making the news, hardly any cattle producer would turn down having extra calves in the pasture. But to get them on the ground, they have to be conceived.

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NCBA Likes the Just Passed Senate Farm Bill For What Is NOT In It

NCBA Likes the Just Passed Senate Farm Bill For What Is NOT In It

Oklahoma Farm Report

NCBA Likes the Just Passed Senate Farm Bill For What Is NOT In It Vice President for Government Affairs, NCBA’s Colin Woodall, quickly penned his thoughts after the passage of the 2012 Farm Bill by the full US Senate.

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Dry Season Pasture Management

Dry Season Pasture Management

Mark Landefeld

Beef Today

The dry conditions in our area continue to challenge farm managers and their ability to keep forages growing and productive.

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Longevity vs. fertility in the cowherd

Longevity vs. fertility in the cowherd

Miranda Reiman

Tri State Livestock News

More longevity and fertility in the cowherd seem like a “no brainer.” But when those pursuits come at the expense of uniformity or other functionality, it could pay to do some hard studying.

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Early Calf Weaning May Prove Beneficial This Year

Early Calf Weaning May Prove Beneficial This Year


Dry conditions through large swaths of the Plains states are forcing management decisions on cattle and other agricultural operations. Among them may be the decision to wean calves earlier than usual.

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BeefTalk: Late Calving Changes Management

BeefTalk: Late Calving Changes Management

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

One can see why change is difficult. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, the cows are finishing the calving season. However, this year, calving was in early June, not late April. Like most producers, keeping track of the cows and calves is important, but the pens are now pastures and the calves are fast. However, it works and, to date, 200-plus calves are enjoying summer.

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Stress Affects Cattle’s Tolerance for Horn Flies

Stress Affects Cattle’s Tolerance for Horn Flies


Living things and even systems of living things are made to cope with stress. As a matter of fact, a moderate to low level of stress may actually be required to maintain health. For example, the stresses exerted on bones by walking and running cause more calcium to be deposited in bones and increases bone density.

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Antibiotic use in livestock feed unsafe?

Antibiotic use in livestock feed unsafe?

Jim Porter

Sierra Sun

In a new court ruling sure to shake up the livestock industry, a federal court directed the Food and Drug Administration to address the human health risks of antibiotic use in animal feed. The FDA has already appealed the decision.

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Beef: The New Opiate of the Russian Masses?

Beef: The New Opiate of the Russian Masses?

Ilya Khrennikov and Marina Sysoyeva


Russian President Vladimir Putin has an ambitious plan to cut his country’s $3 billion annual import bill for beef. He even aspires to return Russia’s beef industry to its pre-revolutionary stature. To get there, however, he’s depending on an unlikely savior: Anthony Stidham, a 48-year-old, third-generation rancher from Oklahoma.

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How Are We Doing In Improving Cattle Performance?

How Are We Doing In Improving Cattle Performance?

Burt Rutherford


The consumer drives the dollar from the top down. Yet, in a segmented industry, the seedstock operator and cow-calf producer make the decisions about what the consumer gets to eat.

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