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Genetic Enhancement Tops List of AI Advantages

Genetic Enhancement Tops List of AI Advantages

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

In today’s industry escalating costs of production force producers to make every dollar count. Utilizing all the tools in the tool box can sometimes make operations run in clockwork fashion.

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Dogs Can’t Read, Owners Don’t Care

Dogs Can’t Read, Owners Don’t Care

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

In most states, livestock producers can legally take steps to keep wandering dogs from harming livestock, but it’s good to know local laws to avoid legal conflicts.

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Changing Grazing Habits

Changing Grazing Habits

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Fencing is the best way to alter grazing habits of your cattle, sheep, goats etc..

Fences can separate areas that need different grazing management such as riparian buffers around pond’s and along streams, irrigated pastures, or seasonal use areas.

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Buying & selling corn silage

Buying & selling corn silage

Dillon Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

Questions often arise among farmers who have corn silage to sell and cattle operators who are looking to buy silage as to how to establish a fair price.

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June Good Time to Establish High Reproduction Standards for Heifers

June Good Time to Establish High Reproduction Standards for Heifers

The Ohio State University

Livestock farmers, who are now in the midst of breeding season, may find that selling heifers that aren’t meeting breeding expectations may make better financial sense than keeping an animal that isn’t achieving satisfactory conception rates, an Ohio State University Extension expert said. 

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When the Sky Ran Dry

When the Sky Ran Dry

John Burnett

Texas Monthly

Texas has suffered through many dry spells, but none so bad as the fifties drought. To the West Texans caught in its fiercest grip, it seemed like the world was ending. Half a century later, the time it never rained remains as vivid as ever.

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Junior Charolais Nationals Returns to Nebraska

Junior Charolais Nationals Returns to Nebraska

1101 Now

250 American International Junior Charolais Association members are in Grand Island this week competing to have the best of the breed.

But show coordinators say it’s the leadership part of this event that’s most important.

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Grass-fed beef conference attendees seek management, expansion ideas

Grass-fed beef conference attendees seek management, expansion ideas

North Texas E-News

One by one, they had questions and lots of them. A roomful of grass-fed beef producers came to Texas A&M University in College Station recently to learn more about an emerging aspect of beef production that continues to steadily gain momentum.

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Shorthorn Carcasses Make The Grade And Yield In Recent On-Farm Trial

Shorthorn Carcasses Make The Grade And Yield In Recent On-Farm Trial


Shorthorn genetics defied the odds on the grid recently; two purebred heifers graded USDA Prime, Yield Grade 1. Two others on the same load stamped Prime Yield Grade 2.  This combination of marbling and cutability is extremely rare; only 0.032% of all cattle quality and yield graded in 2011 achieved this feat, just 0.638% graded Prime Y2.

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Kansas State Vet Outlines Blue-Green Algae, Other Threats To Cattle

Kansas State Vet Outlines Blue-Green Algae, Other Threats To Cattle


Dry farm fields and pastures are not the only challenges agricultural producers are facing so far this summer. Warmer-than-usual weather and a lack of precipitation are also contributing to disease threats to livestock, according to Kansas State University veterinarian Larry Hollis.

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