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Fed Cattle Pricing: Grid Pricing Basics

Fed Cattle Pricing: Grid Pricing Basics

Dillon M. Feuz, University of Nebraska, Clement E. Ward, Oklahoma State University, Ted C. Schroeder, Kansas State University

Recently there has been a greater emphasis on improving the quality and consistency of beef. Cattle producers, breed associations, feed suppliers, and beefpackers have all initiated value based pricing methods commonly referred to as grid pricing.

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Pinkeye prevention, control & management

Pinkeye prevention, control & management

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Summer is rapidly approaching; we could really use some rain. In our area, the second cutting of alfalfa is progressing and some grass hay has been clipped. The tonnage is light, and I suspect we will see high feed prices again this winter.

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Don’t let your hay profits go up in smoke

Don’t let your hay profits go up in smoke

Jerry Lindquist, Michigan State University Extension

Hay prices have risen this year across the Midwest as total forage acres are down and weather factors have diminished first cutting yields in many locations. If your supply is already short, this valuable commodity to fire can make matters worse.

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DNA Test Expands to Identify Marbling and Gain

DNA Test Expands to Identify Marbling and Gain

Lynn Gordon


New and advanced technologies are continuing to enhance the beef industry. Currently, the beef cattle selection parameter of EPDs (expected progeny differences) is now including data from genomic markers in some breeds to calculate genomic enhanced EPDs for some breed associations and the potential use and influence of the genomic enhanced EPDs is expanding.

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Pfizer Animal Health launches ALVERIN™ PLUS and FLUNIXAMINE™

Pfizer Animal Health launches ALVERIN™ PLUS and FLUNIXAMINE™

The Stack Exchange

Pfizer Animal Health announces the availability of two new brands, ALVERIN™ PLUS (ivermectin/clorsulon) and FLUNIXAMINE® (flunixin meglumine), providing additional animal health tools for producers and veterinarians. Both products offer a high-quality, competitively priced animal health option from Pfizer Animal Health for ivermectin/clorsulon and flunixin meglumine.

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Double whammy needed for parasite control in beef cattle

Double whammy needed for parasite control in beef cattle

Lee Hart

Grain News

Cow/calf producers may have thought they were out of the woods on this one, but research in the U.S. and a bit in Canada is showing that the single pour-on/ivomec-type treatment may no longer being effective in controlling parasites.

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Where have all the Kane cows gone?

Where have all the Kane cows gone?

Dave Gathman

The Courier News

When the first railroad was built westward from Chicago in 1850, its first major western terminal was Elgin, and one of its main reasons for being was to carry milk from Kane County farmers to the thirsty children of the big city. Inventor Gail Borden opened a condensed-milk canning plant in downtown Elgin to help feed Civil War soldiers.

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Blaming climate change on agriculture unjustified

Blaming climate change on agriculture unjustified

The Western Producer

Another year, another United Nations conference on climate change.

It seems that nations gather about every year to try to develop a consensus, or at least a starting point, to address the major problems of the world.

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Pa. teen starts beef cattle enterprise with a market for next 10 years

Pa. teen starts beef cattle enterprise with a market for next 10 years

Susan Crowell

Farm and Dairy

Matt McNany already has a solid market contracted for his cattle for the next 10 years. And calls for more beef than he raise.

It’s a good position to be in, especially considering McNany is only 16.

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Winning FFA Speech Delivers Positive Message about Role of Livestock Auction Markets

Winning FFA Speech Delivers Positive Message about Role of Livestock Auction Markets

Sacremento Bee

The important role livestock auction markets play in helping provide consumers around the world with safe, nutritious food was the focus of an award winning speech by 15-year-old David John Macedo at the 2012 Livestock Marketing Association’s annual meeting being held in Modesto, Calif.

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