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Stocker Cattle:  Protect or Redirect

Stocker Cattle:  Protect or Redirect

Lorie Woodward Cantu

The Cattleman

Protect your reputation as a good stocker operator — make sure the heifers you send to the feedlot aren’t carrying problem calves. Consider redirecting pregnant heifers to a breeding herd.

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The Terminology Behind Genomics

The Terminology Behind Genomics

Lynn Gordon – 6/11/2012


As the use of DNA technology continues to be incorporated into the beef cattle industry, there is a new world of terminology used in the discussion of DNA testing, information and genetic evaluation. This column will give you a road map on the terminology behind genomics by offering definitions of some of the more commonly used or referred to terms you may be hearing in reference to DNA technology within the beef cattle industry and genomic testing.

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This Team Has a Proven Strategy to Keep Stocker Losses Low

This Team Has a Proven Strategy to Keep Stocker Losses Low

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Charles Carroll and daughter A.J. say their success as stockers starts with a good order buyer. They use Will Hargett, a field representative for Superior Livestock Auction

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Is the ‘Arms Race for Muscle’ in Beef Cattle a Winning Proposition?

Is the ‘Arms Race for Muscle’ in Beef Cattle a Winning Proposition?

Oklahoma Farm Report

. . . Lalman says there is a balance to be struck. He says breeders need to ponder advice like that once given by Dr. Rick Borden: “To breed for optimum means to have a target in sight beyond which you don’t want to go. If your goal is to maintain an optimal level for any trait, the evidence of your accomplishment is not visible change, but lack of it.”

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Putting up high-quality hay

Putting up high-quality hay

Julie Walker

Tri State Livestock News

The days of cutting hay on an International H or M tractor with a sickle mower are long gone for most, says Julie Walker, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Beef Specialist.

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Use Science In Regulating Antibiotics, Agriculture Coalition Says

Use Science In Regulating Antibiotics, Agriculture Coalition Says

The Voice of Agriculture

A coalition of agricultural organizations sent a letter yesterday to Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., who is seeking to restrict severely antibiotic use in livestock and poultry production, pointing out the stringent federal approval process and regulation of antibiotics, the lack of human health risks from their judicious use in livestock production and the benefits they offer in food animal production.

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Hay shortage

Hay shortage

Rod White


Last year’s drought was tough for farmers who needed hay to help feed their herds. This year the harvest is looking promising as more and more bales are being stored to keep up with the demand and this is welcome sign for both man and beast.

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Livestock scales measure animal performance          

Livestock scales measure animal performance                              

Robert Fears    

Progressive Cattleman

Livestock platform scales are viewed as a luxury by some cattlemen, while others consider them a necessary piece of equipment.

Their importance depends upon ranch management goals and selected herd performance measurements.

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NCBA Opposes Federal Mandate on Animal Agriculture

NCBA Opposes Federal Mandate on Animal Agriculture

Tom Talbot, chairman of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Cattle Health and Well-Being Committee, said despite challenges cattlemen and women face, raising healthy cattle is and always has been a top priority. Talbot, who is a veterinarian and California cattle rancher, is appalled that animal care could be taken out of the hands of experts and placed in the control of the federal government.

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Cattle Need Their Veggies Too

Cattle Need Their Veggies Too

Cattle Today

We’ve all had our parents tell us to “eat your fruits and vegetables” and remind us of the essential nutrients they contain. Now our cattle can benefit from the same good advice.

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