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All in the same day the city newspaper carried stories about crime, predators, instant millionaires, mad hikers and oppressed artists.

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Moderation in Cow Size is the Key to Profitability, Lalman Says

Moderation in Cow Size is the Key to Profitability, Lalman Says

Oklahoma Farm Report

There is a positive relationship with cow weight, but it’s not very strong. For each additional 100 pounds of cow weight, we get an average of six pounds of additional calf weaning weight. Is that a good trade off?

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Surface water, deep wells, sulfates & nitrates

Surface water, deep wells, sulfates & nitrates

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM

Tristate Livestock News

Last weekend I took my four-year-old daughter to the clinic with me for chores. It’s a drive I make four or more times a day. Some parts grasp my attention, others not so much. But traveling with a child is anything but dull.

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Morrill Act turns 150 years old

Morrill Act turns 150 years old

Phil Durst

Michigan State University

 The Morrill Act made possible the creation of the land-grant schools and was signed by President Abraham Lincoln July 2, 1862.

The Morrill Act specifically called for education in agriculture and mechanical arts. This was critical in two regards: first, it was education for the common man “from the industrial classes” and secondly, it was education in practical careers.   

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From a historical perspective beef prices not high

From a historical perspective beef prices not high

Ted Slanker


Commodity cycles are large, yet broad-based, because of the power of relative values. Values are relative because of man’s labor. Therefore, even though price distortions can exist for brief periods, over 60 years prices have seemingly fixed relative values.

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Five States’ Beef Industries Top $2 Billion

Five States’ Beef Industries Top $2 Billion

Wisconsin AG Connection

USDA’s annual publication "Meat Animal Production, Disposition and Income" shows that 5 states had a 2011 value of cattle production in excess of $2 billion: Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and California. The total for the U.S. was a record $45.176 billion, up $8.2 billion from the year before.

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Farmers differ on grass-fed cattle

Farmers differ on grass-fed cattle


The Dispatch

No hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, fillers or by-products are the benefit of buying from two family-owned farms in Davidson County. Each has a different breed of cattle and a different philosophy on how their cattle are raised, but each agrees on a common goal of promoting local products.

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Oklahoma Rancher Helps Putin Cut Beef Imports

Oklahoma Rancher Helps Putin Cut Beef Imports

Ilya Khrennikov and Marina Sysoyeva


Anthony Stidham, a 48-year-old third-generation rancher from Oklahoma, is at the forefront of President Vladimir Putin’s plan to cut Russia’s $3 billion annual bill as the world’s biggest beef importer.

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Drylot Beef Cow/Calf Production

Drylot Beef Cow/Calf Production

V.L. Anderson, Animal Scientist, Carrington Research Extension Center  North Dakota State University, S.L. Boyles, Beef Extension Specialist, The Ohio State University

The drylot beef cow/calf enterprise is an alternative management system to traditional pasture or range beef production. Strictly defined, it is feeding confined cow/calf pairs in a feedlot environment during part or all of the traditional summer or fall-winter grazing season.

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Beef labels may give market edge

Beef labels may give market edge


Country World Staff Writer

Raising and marketing cattle isn’t as simple as it once was. Now, cattlemen are expected to classify their cattle and raise them within guidelines or "marketing claim standards" to distinguish them as conventional, grassfed, all-natural or organic beef.

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