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Judging With Professionalism

Judging With Professionalism

Rachel Cutrer & Joelynn Donough

Angus Journal

‘Ah, the showring — where I can lose old friends and make new enemies.”

This quote by legendary livestock judge Miles McKee, professor emeritus of Kansas State University (K-State) describes a familiar sentiment for those who have exhibited or evaluated cattle at a livestock show.

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Cattle Thieves Target Sweetwater Business

Cattle Thieves Target Sweetwater Business

Alyssa Spirato

News Channel 9

It’s a trend that cattle farmers hope will not rise.

Cattle thieves struck a livestock center in Sweetwater. Mark Houston owns East Tennessee Livestock Center. He says he’s had thefts before, but nothing on the magnitude that he has seen.

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Early weaning? Manage the heifers right

Early weaning? Manage the heifers right

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Geni Wren If cattle country experiences another drought like last year, many of your beef clients may be early weaning calves if forages are in short supply. But can early-weaning of replacement heifers negatively affect future reproduction?

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Supreme Court Denies Financially Distressed Farmers Tax Relief

Supreme Court Denies Financially Distressed Farmers Tax Relief

Marc C. Lovell

Delta Farm Press

Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code is used by financially distressed farmers to reorganize and remain in business.

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Defining beef’s future

Defining beef’s future

Forrest Roberts


Last year, we took a big step toward not only putting a stake in the ground to determine where we are, but also setting a course for the future.

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BQA Training Important, Necessary For Employees

BQA Training Important, Necessary For Employees

Burt Rutherford


At one point during a recent Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) training session for feedyard employees, while he was talking about evaluating incoming cattle on arrival and moving any that are in need of immediate care to the hospital, Ted McCollum stopped and asked the group, “Does any feedyard not do this?”

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Unified Equine Missouri LLC to Open Meat Processing Facility at Rockville, Missouri

Unified Equine Missouri LLC to Open Meat Processing Facility at Rockville, Missouri

The Stock Exchange

A Missouri-based company is on track to re-open an existing meat processing plant in Rockville, Missouri, by summer’s end. Rockville is in Bates County in western Missouri, a rural area hard-hit by job losses when the plant closed almost a year ago.

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Farmers, Ranchers And Consumers Fight USDA’s Animal ID

Farmers, Ranchers And Consumers Fight USDA’s Animal ID


A coalition of agriculture and consumer organizations from across the nation is challenging the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) decision to push ahead with a complicated and expensive Animal ID program.

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Cattle wranglers round ’em up

Cattle wranglers round ’em up

Jeff Starck

Wausau Daily Herald

Difficult and stubborn cows can make life miserable for cowboys and cowgirls on ranches and farms.

Throw in a few dozen fellow wranglers on the sideline and 100 people in the stands all watching, and the job becomes more than difficult. It’s a pressure cooker.

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Grass-Finished Beef: It’s Whats for Dinner (In Moderation)

Grass-Finished Beef: It’s Whats for Dinner (In Moderation)

Margaret Brown


At the end of April, some members of the New York Urban Program and the Center for Market Innovation got out of the city and up to see some farms in Delaware County, NY.

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