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Transformation: The Cattle Industry in 2027

Transformation: The Cattle Industry in 2027

The Cattleman

TSCRA opened the 135th annual convention with perspectives from 4 industry executives — what will our industry look like in 15 years?


The killing connection

The killing connection

Commentary by Dan Murphy


Rarely does the occasional local newspaper column or online blog post decrying our modern society’s meat-eating preferences provoke much in the way of contemplation.


Pfizer plans animal health IPO

Pfizer plans animal health IPO


Pfizer Inc plans to separate its animal health unit into a stand-alone company, a move Wall Street expected as the largest U.S. drugmaker focuses more intently on its core pharmaceuticals business.


There are ways of adding value to bred heifers

There are ways of adding value to bred heifers

Ron Torell

The Prairie Star

As we enter the rebuilding phase of our national brood cow herd market analyzers are predicting high demand and record prices for bred females.


Looks can tell in beef cattle

Looks can tell in beef cattle

Miranda Reiman

“Boy, if he isn’t a spitting image of his grandpa!”

You’ve likely heard similar references before and they make this concept easy to grasp: Just like people, cattle don’t inherit genes equally. “Because of random assortment and recombination, or crossover events during the sperm or egg cell formation, they can get an unequal proportion of genetic material from their grandparents,” says Bob Weaber, Kansas State University animal scientists.


Define Goals for Deworming Cattle on Pasture

Define Goals for Deworming Cattle on Pasture

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Internal parasites (stomach and intestinal worms) rob cattle of important nutrients, reducing growth rate and weight gains in young animals and hindering optimum production in all classes of cattle. Heavy infestations create health problems.


Q Fever

Q Fever

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

If David Van Metre had a dollar for every time he’s heard the same rancher rationale … well, he might not need his job as Colorado State University Extension veterinarian. According to Van Metre, upon learning that certain infectious diseases can be transmitted from livestock to humans, the typical response is, “I’ve been around animals all my life, so I’m probably immune to it.”


BeefTalk: 2 Pounds of Average Daily Gain Equals Grass Beef

BeefTalk: 2 Pounds of Average Daily Gain Equals Grass Beef

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Beef on grass sounds so simple: Open the gates and let the cattle graze. However, the questions outpace the answers. What is the optimal gain for cattle on grass? What is the optimal gain for steers on grass?


5 Ways to Help Cattle Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Help Cattle Beat the Heat

By: Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

Hot, muggy weather is already here, which means it will be a long hot summer, especially for livestock. "Animals, cattle included, have difficulty regulating their body temperature during extreme heat," says Missouri veterinarian Dan Goehl. That heat stress can lead to death.


Beef: Grass-fed vs. corn-fed

Beef: Grass-fed vs. corn-fed

Sarah Baker Hansen

Omaha World Herald

My grass-fed cow didn’t have a name.

It wasn’t my pet. I never touched it, never fed it, never got within ten steps of it. I knew what the cow looked like, but I didn’t know it.