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There always seem to be folks who need to say something good, even at the worst of times.  Like Mrs. Custer.  She might have said, “Well, on the bright side, at least he was wearing clean undies."

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When Dogs Make Cattle Sick

When Dogs Make Cattle Sick

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

There are some circumstances when dogs can actually carry disease that will cause abortions in the herd.

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Understanding the Beef “Factory”

Understanding the Beef "Factory"

Paul E. Peterson

With the cookout season in full swing, it’s a good time to take a close look at beef supplies and cattle numbers. Steaks, roasts and other retail cuts come almost exclusively from steers and heifers. Beef from steers and heifers – often called "fed beef" – accounts for about 85% of total beef production.

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Mob grazing & diet selections

Mob grazing & diet selections

Roger Gates

Tri State Livestock News

I’m reading For the Love of Land, a book recommended by one of my range scientist colleagues. I agree with his assessment that it’s one of the best contributions to rangeland management and restoration that I’ve recently been exposed to.

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Mineral supplementation programs

Mineral supplementation programs

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

Commercial cow-calf producers know minerals are important to the animal; many chemical reactions require them to be present. With input costs continually on the rise, the question by producers is what mineral(s) should be the focus, and how can these minerals be provided economically? These are good questions, and they are not easily answered.

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Fly Control on Cattle is Critical

Fly Control on Cattle is Critical

Bill Halfman, UW Extension Agriculture Agent

This time of the year life is pretty nice if you are a beef cow, pastures are lush, the temperatures haven’t been too hot, and there is very little insect pressure.  That will soon change as we move in to summer and the flies will be getting numerous.

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Pastures Going To Toast? Consider Early Weaning

Pastures Going To Toast? Consider Early Weaning

Hay & Forage Grower

As pastures dry up, cattle producers should consider early weaning, says Shane Gadberry, University of Arkansas nutritionist.

Forage production typically makes the change from cool-season fescues and ryegrasses to warm-season grasses, including bermudagrass, crabgrass, bahiagrass and dallisgrass, from May to June.

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Cattle quality under scrutiny at Carcass Show

Cattle quality under scrutiny at Carcass Show


Garden City Telegram

Brian Price peered over a ribeye of a sliced-open carcass Friday afternoon at Tyson Fresh Meats in Holcomb.

Price, the manager of Brookover Feedyard, was examining the quality of several cattle from the feedyard during the Beef Empire Days Carcass Show.

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Derrell Peel Sorts Out Beef Production Data

Derrell Peel Sorts Out Beef Production Data

Oklahoma Farm Report

Year to date cattle slaughter is down 4.8 percent but feedlot marketings this year are down only slightly. Carcass weights are well above year ago levels despite near record feed costs that should minimize the incentives to hold cattle.

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Replacing Summer Pasture with Feeds for Cows Grazing Pasture and When Pasture is Limited

Replacing Summer Pasture with Feeds for Cows Grazing Pasture and When Pasture is Limited

Dr. Rick Rasby

University of Nebraska

Managing a cow herd in drought conditions is a challenge. An alternative to dry lotting beef cows in drought conditions or when pasture is expensive or in short supply would be to "substitute" some of the pasture with another feed.

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