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Feedlot flyovers draw ire in Neb.

Feedlot flyovers draw ire in Neb.

Heather Johnson

North Platte Telegraph

After recent scrutiny, the Environmental Protection Agency has revealed more details about its aerial surveillance of livestock feeding operations in Nebraska and Iowa.

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Study finds natural ruminant trans fats not harmful

Study finds natural ruminant trans fats not harmful

Medical News

Canadian scientists are joining with international colleagues to lead new insights into the health implications of different types of trans fat

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Genex and Superior Livestock Partner

Genex and Superior Livestock Partner

Genex Cooperative, Inc. and Superior Livestock Auction have partnered to offer cattle producers a convenient combination of services. By working together, Genex will provide Superior Livestock customers with a source of proven genetic options and Superior Livestock will provide Genex members and customers with a nationwide marketing outlet.

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New animal disease facility stalled by budget, politics

New animal disease facility stalled by budget, politics

Yahoo News

The site of a proposed facility to fight animal diseases, including those which could be spread by bioterrorists, is little more than a parking lot today because of safety and budget concerns.

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Financing herd rebuilding after the 2011 drought

Financing herd rebuilding after the 2011 drought


The drought of 2011 had long-lasting impacts on cow-calf producers in the U.S. Southern Plains. Between January 2011 and January 2012, beef cow numbers in Texas were down 13.1%, down 14.3% in Oklahoma and down 10.9% in New Mexico (Livestock Market Information Center, 2012), leading to a 3.1% reduction in the U.S. beef cow herd. Rebuilding herds poses many financial challenges to individual producers, particularly generating sufficient cash flow to rebuild.

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Weaning cattle early may ease burden on forage

Weaning cattle early may ease burden on forage

Magnolia Reporter

Early weaning is one tactic cattle producers might consider as their pastures begin to toast, said Shane Gadberry, associate professor-ruminant nutrition for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

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Livestock Parasite Control Topic of June 7 Webinar

Livestock Parasite Control Topic of June 7 Webinar

Kay Ledbetter


“External and Internal Parasite ID and Control Methods in Livestock” will be the June 7 webinar topic for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s ecosystem science and management unit’s monthly webinar series.

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Ambassadors tour Montana to tout trade deals

Ambassadors tour Montana to tout trade deals


Ambassadors from five countries and U.S. Sen. Max Baucus launched a three-day trade tour across Montana on Thursday to announce export deals and promote business ties.

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Control flies with integrated pest management

Control flies with integrated pest management

Peggy Coffen


By now, you may have seen him. That first fly of the season. He might look a little groggy, but he and his gang of friends will soon be in action, biting your cows and pestering you, too.

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Drought concerns northeast Indiana farmers

Drought concerns northeast Indiana farmers

Vivian Sade

The Journal Gazette

Mowing grass in March, planting crops in April, running the air conditioner for weeks before the beginning of summer – it has been one strange spring.

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