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FDA Appeals Mandate to Ban Three Animal Antibiotics

FDA Appeals Mandate to Ban Three Animal Antibiotics

Food Safety News

After a magistrate judge ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must act on its long-standing proposal to ban the use of three antibiotics in animal feed because they may contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria, FDA is appealing the decision.

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Getting science and farmers together

Getting science and farmers together

Bovine Veterinarian

The Great Debate held during The Alltech 28th Annual International Symposium in Lexington, Ky., hosted a panel of four of the sharpest minds representing all corners of the agriculture and food ecosystem.

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BeefTalk: Integrating a New Grass and Beef Production Model Isn’t Easy

BeefTalk: Integrating a New Grass and Beef Production Model Isn’t Easy

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

In recent years, much discussion has been held regarding grass and beef production. The concept of integrating the two production activities seems like a no-brainer. If it was just the cows visiting with each other, that would be true. However, it is inevitable that people will get in the mix and that’s when the no-brainer starts getting complicated.

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Fast Information is Not Always the Best Information

Fast Information is Not Always the Best Information

Iowa Beef Center

Have you ever “googled” yourself? If you do, you might be surprised what you find. Hopefully don’t find a wanted poster or an obituary. As I write this column, the beef industry is calming down after widely publicized lean, finely textured beef (LFTB) controversy. So how does this relate to doing an Internet search on yourself?

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New video series offers livestock producers access to grazing school

New video series offers livestock producers access to grazing school

AG Answers

A new video series produced by Ohio State University Educators offers livestock producers detailed information about a wide variety of grazing management techniques taught by OSU Extension livestock and forage experts.

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Novartis Introduces Cattle Vaccine App for iPads

Novartis Introduces Cattle Vaccine App for iPads


Novartis Animal Health announces the release of a new app designed specifically for U.S. cattle veterinarians and producers. The Novartis Cattle Vaccine Literature Library app provides fast and convenient access to over 50 product brochures, technical bulletins, journal articles and other reference tools that focus on cattle health management. The Novartis app is free and available for download at the iTunes® App store. 

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Crib sheet for FSIS non-O157 STEC testing

Crib sheet for FSIS non-O157 STEC testing

Dennis R. Johnson

National Provisioner

On June 4, six non-O157 STECs (O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145) officially became per se adulterants in various raw beef products. On that date, FSIS began analyzing raw beef manufacturing trimmings for these six.

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Montana cattle headed to Colombia

Montana cattle headed to Colombia

Tom Lutey

Billings Gazette

A Montana ranch will ship live cattle to Colombia to underscore business opportunities created by a new U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement.

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Spying On Cows

Spying On Cows

Brett Smith


In a episode that could likely be filed under ‘election year politics’, Nebraska congressmen along with Nebraska Cattlemen, a beef industry advocacy group, filed a complaint against the EPA for their use of aerial surveillance to monitor the compliance of livestock operations in the Midwest.

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Government to Increase E. Coli Tests in Raw Beef

Government to Increase E. Coli Tests in Raw Beef


New York Times

In a ruling that appeared to side with consumers, the Agriculture Department announced that it would expand testing for E. coli in raw beef trimmings beginning next week.

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