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Labor Department Withdraws Proposed Child Farm Rules

Labor Department Withdraws Proposed Child Farm Rules

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

After months of rural outrage and mounting political pressure, the Labor Department announced late Thursday evening that it was dropping it plans to impose new safety rules that would have prevented children and young people from doing most activities on their family farms.

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Vogel Breaks Down Animal Welfare for Beef Producers

Vogel Breaks Down Animal Welfare for Beef Producers

Peggy Coffeen

Angus Journal

‘In order to maintain consumer trust,we must consistently do the right thing,” Kurt Vogel, from the University of Wisconsin–River Falls (UWRF), told cattle producers at an early February Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting.

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Selecting for calmer cattle

Selecting for calmer cattle

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Stockmen know that wild, temperamental cattle present a danger to handlers, facilities and other cattle. They’ve also learned that cattle behavior can play a role in performance, health and carcass value, making selection for calmer cattle a worthwhile effort.

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Herd Rebuilding May Emphasize Genetics

Herd Rebuilding May Emphasize Genetics

Katie Micik


Quality beef genetics may be one thing that gets a big boost from the national cattle herd’s rapid shrinkage over the last year, a panel of experts said Monday at the North American Agricultural Journalists annual meeting.

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Pasture considerations for an unusually early spring

Pasture considerations for an unusually early spring

Rita Brhel

The Cattle Business Weekly

During one of the mildest winters on record, America’s cattle country started seeing spring temperatures in January. Pastures greened up months ahead of schedule, and by the end of March, some producers likened their pasture growth to that of early June.

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BeefTalk: Birth Weight in the Eyes of a Chicken

BeefTalk: Birth Weight in the Eyes of a Chicken

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The question of birth weight is always a good topic during calving. More precisely, birth weight involving calving replacement heifers or first-calf heifers. Generally, older cows have few calving problems.

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Steve Cornett:  Clarification on the Mad Cow Leak

Steve Cornett:  Clarification on the Mad Cow Leak

Beef Today

Hold on. Before you read the blog below, realize that the beef industry’s issues management team was NOT in the official loop. It turns out their preemptive efforts—the getting ready for the announcement—was based on the same "rumor" that the futures traders were acting on.

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What can you do with inedible cows?

What can you do with inedible cows?

Brian Palmer

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

A cow has tested positive for mad cow disease in America for the first time since 2006, the United States Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday. Officials were quick to assure the public that the slaughtered former dairy cow was located at a rendering plant, and that its flesh was never going to enter the human food supply. If you’re not going to eat a dead cow’s meat, what are you supposed to do with it?

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USDA Releases Details In Mad Cow Case

USDA Releases Details In Mad Cow Case

Fox News

Federal officials said Thursday that they now know the latest cow found in the U.S. with mad-cow disease was 10 years and seven months old and came from a dairy farm in Tulare County, Calif., giving investigators new pieces of the puzzle as they try to trace back the animal’s origins.

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Buyers of U.S. beef keep importing after mad cow case

Buyers of U.S. beef keep importing after mad cow case

Charlie Dunmore and Theopolis Waters


Major export markets for U.S. beef from Canada to Japan stayed open after the United States reported its first case of mad cow disease in six years amid assurances that rigorous surveillance had safeguarded the food system.

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