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How to manage your risk with stocker cattle

How to manage your risk with stocker cattle

The Cattle Business Weekly

Backgrounding may seem simple: Buy calves right, feed them well, keep them healthy and sell them for more. But all the details behind that list prove how difficult the job can be, as noted during the recent "Backgrounding for Quality" field day at White Brothers Cattle Co., near Chickasha, Oklahoma.

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Buy/Sell Forages on the Web

Buy/Sell Forages on the Web

Beef Today

Indiana’s forage crop is thriving after an extremely mild winter, and a new Purdue University website offers growers and livestock producers a place to buy and sell it.

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Why Be A Rancher?

Why Be A Rancher?


Why go through all the hardships that are associated with ranching just to provide food for people who don’t understand where their food comes from and try to make life more difficult for you? Why even bother especially when the majority of the people that you provide food for don’t even care about you?

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Breed Heifers Before Cows

Breed Heifers Before Cows

SDSU iGrow

Even though calving season is not yet done for most producers, it’s not too soon to begin planning for breeding of open heifers, says George Perry, South Dakota State University associate professor and SDSU Extension Beef Reproduction Specialist during a recent iGrow Radio Network interview.

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Public pays the price as more cattle ranchers leave the business

Public pays the price as more cattle ranchers leave the business

Tyrel Linkhorn

Columbus Dispatch

Try not to have a cow, but high beef prices are likely here to stay for a while.

Smaller U.S. cattle herds and increasing feed and fuel costs have pushed some cattle producers out of the business the past several years. Last year’s extreme drought in the cattle cradle of the Southwest prompted many ranchers to liquidate herds they couldn’t afford to feed. Meanwhile, the export market for U.S. beef remains strong.

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Grass-fed beef conference to teach producers how to capitalize on forage potential

Grass-fed beef conference to teach producers how to capitalize on forage potential

Agrilife Today

If recent rains continue to promote forage growth, beef cattle producers do have an option to consider with grass-fed beef production, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist.

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Study: Red Meat Takes Years Off Of Cow’s Life

Study: Red Meat Takes Years Off Of Cow’s Life

The Onion

Editors Note: Please remember the source when reading this article.

Confirming years of speculation, a new study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Health Monitoring System has found that red meat significantly increases the risk of premature death in cows.

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