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Hector, a Colombian, married an American lady from Reno and became a citizen. 

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Difficult Births Result in Reduced Immunity

Difficult Births Result in Reduced Immunity

James B. Neel

Cattle Today

Losses due to difficult births go beyond a dead calf or dam. Calves with difficult births, or dystocia, are apt to have reduced immunity compared to those born without difficulty because they receive inadequate colostrum from their dams.

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Quality Beef Premiums Continue to Grow

Quality Beef Premiums Continue to Grow


Beef feeders can look for continued payment of quality-grid premiums from packing plants, said a University of Missouri Extension economist.

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All-Natural Beef

All-Natural Beef

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Nutrition and know-how are key for anyone looking to cash in on niche beef markets.

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Assess Alfalfa Frost Damage

Assess Alfalfa Frost Damage

Beef Today

For most alfalfa fields damaged earlier this week by frost, it will be difficult to assess the damage for at least a week, says Eric Mousel, forage and alfalfa specialist for Millborn Seeds, Brookings, S.D.

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Grain processing affects byproduct nutritive value

Grain processing affects byproduct nutritive value

Dr. Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock News

Byproducts (sometimes known as co-products), in particular things like dried distillers grains plus solubles, corn gluten feed, soybean hulls, and wheat middlings, are increasingly available in large quantities in this region.

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How ‘pink slime’ blogger ruined a business

How ‘pink slime’ blogger ruined a business

Bryan Gruley, Elizabeth Campbell

SanFrancisco Chronicle

Thirty-one years ago, a young man with no college degree and the restless mind of a tinkerer started an unusual meat-processing company.

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