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Importance of Livestock Assistance in Farm Bill

Importance of Livestock Assistance in Farm Bill


Today, National Farmers Union (NFU) and five other livestock industry organizations sent a letter to US Senate and House of Representatives Agriculture Committee leadership that outlines recommended provisions for the Livestock and Research and Related Matters Titles in the 2012 Farm Bill.

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Does your bull have the proper qualifications for the job?

Does your bull have the proper qualifications for the job?


Given the value of feeder cattle and the level of expenses associated with beef production today, discriminating bull buyers should demand that potential herd sire candidates be equipped with the proper qualifications to do the job.

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Property Rights Under Fire As EPA Moves to Finalize New Clean Water Rules

Property Rights Under Fire As EPA Moves to Finalize New Clean Water Rules

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Sometimes one word can make a lot of difference. Take the bold step by the EPA and the Corp of Engineers to remove the word "navigable" from the Clean Waters Act (CWA). This seemingly simple change is being likened to the largest federal land grab in history. It could impact virtually every landowner whose property includes a body of water.

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Cowboys, Cattle And Facebook

Cowboys, Cattle And Facebook


It is too often that Americans don’t understand the cowboy way of life. Not only that, they can’t begin to explain where their food comes from and how it’s produced. The disconnect from the land has driven individuals to believe that cowboys don’t exist in real life, just in old Western films.

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22nd W.Va. Beef Expo set this week at Jackson’s Mill

22nd W.Va. Beef Expo set this week at Jackson’s Mill

The Inter-Mountain

The 22nd annual West Virginia Beef Expo is scheduled for Thursday through Saturday at Jackson’s Mill 4-H Conference center in Weston.

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‘Beef is beef,’ Iowa State students say at rally

‘Beef is beef,’ Iowa State students say at rally

Mike Wiser

The Gazette

Hundreds of students turned out for a “Beef is Beef” rally led by Gov. Terry Branstad Tuesday on the Iowa State University campus in what is the latest salvo in an ongoing public relations war over lean, finely textured beef, which critics call “pink slime.”

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Superbug Rise Spurs Rule for Animal Antibiotic Prescriptions

Superbug Rise Spurs Rule for Animal Antibiotic Prescriptions

Stephanie Armour and Anna

Washington Post

Farmers will need prescriptions to get antibiotics for their livestock and the drugs should only be given when medically necessary to avoid overuse that can foster resistance, U.S. regulators said today.

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Ozarkers Debate Antibiotic Restrictions in Cattle

Ozarkers Debate Antibiotic Restrictions in Cattle

Joanna Small and Joel Girdner


A new recommendation by the Food and Drug Administration has its fair share of critics.  The FDA is asking farmers to voluntarily stop longterm antibiotic use in their animals.

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Water management leads to healthy herds

Water management leads to healthy herds


Water is a crucial aspect of any cattle operation, and with last year’s drought still fresh in their memories, producers should be prepared if history repeats itself, said Dirk Philipp, assistant professor-forages for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

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Improving Longevity of Beef Heifers Back

Improving Longevity of Beef Heifers Back

Dr. George Perry


Research has indicated it takes the net revenue from approximately 6 calves to cover the development and production costs of each replacement heifer.  In addition, any cow that misses a single calving is not likely to recover the lost revenue of that missed calf. 

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