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Pasture erosion control important

Pasture erosion control important

Benjamin Waldrum


It’s not uncommon for Arkansas cattle farms to have streams and rivulets bisecting pastures. Unfortunately, so is streambank erosion, said Dirk Philipp, assistant professor-forages for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

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Cattle Bloat Appearing Early – Be Aware of Signs

Cattle Bloat Appearing Early – Be Aware of Signs


The University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (UKVDL) is seeing cases of bloat in cattle 20 days earlier than normal, said Craig Carter, lab director.

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Anti-meat information at school rankles community

Anti-meat information at school rankles community

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Imagine beef cattle veterinarian Dan Goehl’s surprise when his second-grader son came home from school with Meatless Monday information in a school newsletter that had been handed out to students in his mostly rural community.

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Grass-Fed Is a Ground Up Business

Grass-Fed Is a Ground Up Business

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

The business of grass finishing beef is not for the faint of heart. It takes a year-round supply of high-quality forages to produce the gains and marbling needed for a tasty end product. And Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate.

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Trans Ova Genetics Partners with Preferred Genetics

Trans Ova Genetics Partners with Preferred Genetics

Beef Today

Trans Ova Genetics announces a new satellite center, in partnership with Preferred Genetics, located in Columbus, NE. Preferred Genetics, a current center that has been servicing the Nebraska region with excellent embryo transfer and reproductive services for more than 20 years, will host the new Trans Ova Genetics satellite center.

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Pink slime: Is there opportunity in outrage?

Pink slime: Is there opportunity in outrage?

Ragan Robinson

Gaston Gazette

At the small cattle operations that dot Gaston County’s agricultural landscape, clover-spotted knolls rise from emerald green pastureland.

Antique barns appear in shades of russet and aged ivory.

Pink slime is not part of the color palette.

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Dozens of cattle reported stolen in northwest Iowa

Dozens of cattle reported stolen in northwest Iowa


Dozens of cattle are missing from a feedlot in northwest Iowa.

The Plymouth County sheriff’s office says 56 steers valued at over $81,000 were reported stolen from the Bio Beef Feed Lot near Hinton last week. The feedlot says 30 Holstein steers were missing, and a customer reported being short 26 Holstein steers.

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