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Healthy animals can handle a few worms, but don’t let those numbers grow!

Healthy animals can handle a few worms, but don’t let those numbers grow!

Robert Fears

The Cattleman

When we are struggling to pay for the feed required to keep cattle alive during drought, any opportunity to cut other input costs is welcome. An area to explore for cost cutting is internal parasite control.

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Improvement + Growth

Improvement + Growth

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

Have a conversation with Chad Daugherty and one thing is clear: The 29-year-old beef producer from Cerro Gordo, Ill., weaves improvement and growth into both his job and his industry contributions. Daugherty manages Blue Ridge Cattle, with locations in Monticello and Carlisle, Ky. He is also chairman of the new Illinois Beef Association (IBA) Young Producer Council (YPC).

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Kick-Start Respiratory Vaccination at Turnout

Kick-Start Respiratory Vaccination at Turnout


Using an intranasal vaccine at branding or summer turnout can help producers prepare calves to kick-start their fight against bovine respiratory disease (BRD), according to Dr Michael Nichols, DVM, Cattle and Equine Technical Services, Pfizer Animal Health.

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Grazing Management 

Grazing Management 

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Management Intensive Rotational Grazing, otherwise known as MIRG, is a BIG part of Prescribed Grazing Management.  It’s a system of grazing in which ruminant and non-ruminant herds are regularly and systematically moved to fresh pasture with the intent to maximize the quality and quantity of forage growth.

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Building Better Beef Replacement Heifers

Building Better Beef Replacement Heifers

Dr. Jim White and Mike John


Feed them right early and have them at breeding weight in time

The goal for selecting replacement heifers is simple—you want them to conceive, calve early in the calving season, provide adequate milk production and produce a calf every year.

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Cows: The Innocent Bystanders

Cows: The Innocent Bystanders

Wall Street Journal

What exactly fueled the firestorm over what some call "lean finely textured beef" and others call "pink slime"?

Here’s a possible answer: a troubling mix of industry intransigence, uninformed consumers and a megaphone-toting media—social and otherwise. The only innocent bystander was the cow.

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Beef cow nutrition during calving and early lactation

Beef cow nutrition during calving and early lactation


Calving season has started for most producers and will be starting for others in the near future. Nutritional management of the cow herd is more important during the periods of late pregnancy and early lactation than any other.

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Buenos Aires: There is the beef

Buenos Aires: There is the beef

Remy Scalza

The Vancover Sun

It’s nearly midnight and Rodi Bar, a venerable old restaurant in Buenos Aires’ Recoleta neighbourhood, is full, with a line stretching out the door and down the tree-lined street.

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Consumer beefs with red meat put producers on defensive

Consumer beefs with red meat put producers on defensive

Detroit Free Press

Veteran cattleman Dave Nichols has a recurring thought some mornings when he awakens.

"After hearing everything so bad about beef and livestock, I wonder why I’m such a bad guy," said the 72-year-old cattle producer. "Some days, I feel like a tobacco farmer."

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Food Feeding Frenzy

Food Feeding Frenzy

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

After ABC News stopped beating up on beef, CBS jumped in with an attack on sugar.  Exposés abound on butter, margarine, popcorn, pigs, cows, and a variety of food items. In fact, if the consuming public paid attention to all the food scare stories out there, the grocery store aisles would be empty.  Having just returned from a visit to my local grocery, I can tell you that the aisles are not empty and that the checkout line was long.

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