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Managing your parasites to death

Managing your parasites to death

Bovine Veterinarian

With only five percent of parasites living in cattle, that means 95% of the parasites on any given farm are calling the pasture home.

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Build Up Stockers With 24 Hours of Downtime

Build Up Stockers With 24 Hours of Downtime

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Ask veterinarian Ken Blue about the health program in his custom preconditioning operation, and you’ll probably expect to hear about vaccination schedules and medications. Not so.

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Salt Can Prevent And Treat Grass Tetany

Salt Can Prevent And Treat Grass Tetany

Heather Smith Thomas


Grass tetany goes by many names – grass staggers, milk tetany, wheat pasture poisoning, and barley poisoning, to name a few. Just as varied as its name has been the speculation as to the cause of this condition.

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Cattle ranchers, meat lovers have a beef with PETA publicity stunt

Cattle ranchers, meat lovers have a beef with PETA publicity stunt

Great Falls Tribune

Apparently it’s too cold to send their lettuce bikini-wearing ladies to Montana in March so PETA mailed in a protest from its headquarters in Virginia. Regardless of the delivery method, PETA’s latest publicity stunt is scantily clad.

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Is ground beef fatally slimed?

Is ground beef fatally slimed?

Dan K. Thomasson

Ventura County Star

What’s in a name? Ask the manufacturers of a perfectly acceptable product that pretty much went unnoticed until the television folks and the Internet nuts got hold of it. Now it probably is a lost business.

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Replacement heifers: A valuable commodity

Replacement heifers: A valuable commodity


With last year’s drought and herd liquidations in Texas and Oklahoma, and a decline in cow herd numbers over recent years, conditions have combined to make the replacement heifer a very valuable commodity.

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Artificial Insemination – Is it for your ranch?

Artificial Insemination – Is it for your ranch?

Ron Torell

AG Weekly

Technology should not be oversold. A successful artificial insemination (A.I.) program takes time, labor, the facilities to properly process cattle multiple times, livestock handling skills and cows in adequate body condition and postpartum interval.

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