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Tax Time:  Treating Two Activities as One Can Be Beneficial

Tax Time:  Treating Two Activities as One Can Be Beneficial

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Sometimes a farm, livestock or horse activity may be closely connected to one’s principal occupation, with certain tax advantages.

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“Pink slime” ire prompts key producer to close plants

"Pink slime" ire prompts key producer to close plants

P.J. Huffstutter


Beef Products Inc, the top producer of ammonia-treated beef product dubbed ‘pink slime’ by critics, said on Monday it had halted production at three of its four plants in three states for 60 days from Monday.

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Avoid animal-handling injuries

Avoid animal-handling injuries

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Geni WrenVeterinarians’ own haul-in facilities should be safe for themselves and employees when working cattle. Veterinarians are not always able to be there to train employees on livestock handling for their own safety as well.

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Kentucky Grazing School Slated For Early April

Kentucky Grazing School Slated For Early April

Hay and Forage Grower

The University of Kentucky’s (UK) Research & Education Center in Princeton will be the site of this year’s Kentucky Grazing School. The event is scheduled for April 10-11.

The emphasis will be on ruminants – beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats. Topics to be addressed include meeting nutritional needs on pasture, forages for grazing systems, fencing, laying out a grazing system, extending the grazing season and more.

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A Good Bullpen

A Good Bullpen

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Controlled breeding seasons are easier when you always know where the bull is. That makes a good bull pen essential.

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The economic prospects of a summer stocker operation

The economic prospects of a summer stocker operation

Dillon M. Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

Feeder cattle prices have been amazingly strong this winter and starting into this spring. For individuals who have fed calves through the winter, current feeder cattle prices may be fairly attractive to sell those calves.

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State Fair of Virginia ceases operations

State Fair of Virginia ceases operations

Yvette Yeon


The State Fair of Virginia Incorporated has closed up shop after its bid for Chapter 11 bankruptcy was rejected, and staff members have handed over their keys calling it quits – for good.

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