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Aim for avoiding body condition loss

Aim for avoiding body condition loss

Glenn Selk


The winter of 2011-2012 has brought challenges in the form of very high feed prices, and in some instances, short hay supplies. Cows in many Midwestern herds are calving in marginal body condition. Unfortunately, this is a season where maintaining or gaining body condition on spring calving cows is really quite difficult.

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Is Schmallenberg virus a US concern?

Is Schmallenberg virus a US concern?

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Schmallenberg virus has been associated with brief mild/moderate disease (milk drop, pyrexia, diarrhea) in adult cattle and late abortion or birth defects in newborn cattle, sheep and goats, and has made an emergence in the European Union.

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One Less Pound of Weeds, One More Pound of Forage

One Less Pound of Weeds, One More Pound of Forage

 Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Remove a pound of weeds from your pasture and in most cases you’ve just added a pound of forage. That’s the best argument for doing away with pasture weeds you’ll ever hear.

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Can grass-based ranching be scaled up sustainably?

Can grass-based ranching be scaled up sustainably?


You’ve probably never heard of Frank Stronach. Sure, he’s a Canadian billionaire — yes, they have them there! — and an auto-parts cum horseracing magnate. But rather than hanging up his wrench spurs retiring, he’s decided to try his hand at turning grass-fed beef back into a mass-market product.

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EU Ends Hormone Beef Dispute With US, Canada

EU Ends Hormone Beef Dispute With US, Canada

The Epoch Times

The European Parliament on Wednesday came to an agreement to end a decades-old ban on importing beef from the United States and Canada.

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Top 7 Myths of “Pink Slime”

Top 7 Myths of “Pink Slime”

Pinkslimeisamyth. Com

The media has been spreading a lot of myths about what “pink slime” is. The image spreading on the internet is actually mechanically separated chicken, not beef.

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Consumers and Experts Agree Beef Gets Good Grades for Safety

Consumers and Experts Agree Beef Gets Good Grades for Safety


New consumer research presented to beef safety experts gathered for the 10th Anniversary Beef Industry Safety Summit, funded in part by the beef checkoff, shows the beef industry’s investment in assuring the safety of beef is paying off in increased consumer confidence.

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