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Steve Cornett:  BLBT Gets Slimed

Steve Cornett:  BLBT Gets Slimed

Beef Today

Sigh. No doubt you’ve seen the hysteria surrounding the inclusion of Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings in school lunches. If not, Google the term. Oops. You don’t find much, do you? Now try "pink slime" and read a few of the "news" reports.

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Scours – How Do We Know What We Are Looking At?

Scours – How Do We Know What We Are Looking At?

Dr. Russ Daly


Having cases of diarrhea occur in baby calves presents the cow-calf producer with many questions—the first of which may be, “What germ is causing this problem?”

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Commercial Herds Should Take Advantage of Crossbreeding

Commercial Herds Should Take Advantage of Crossbreeding

Dr. Jane Parish

Cattle Today

What is heterosis? Heterosis, hybrid vigor, free lunch — whatever it is called, the advantages of crossbreeding in the cow herd can be significant for the operation.

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What’s in my beef? NMA/AMI respond

What’s in my beef? NMA/AMI respond

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

My ears were bleeding this afternoon when I listened to my local talk radio hosts discussing the “pink slime” story that has hit the mainstream media.

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A Cattle Market Warning From Ed Sullivan

A Cattle Market Warning From Ed Sullivan

John Harrington


Spinning plates is nearly a lost art form.

I suppose you can still catch the odd circus act along the Vegas Strip. And somewhere an assisted living facility called "The Show Must Go On" may even stage talent nights featuring old vaudevillians with walkers who shuffle and groan between crashing pieces of dishware.

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BeefTalk: The $2,017.31 Carcass

BeefTalk: The $2,017.31 Carcass

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

More carcass evaluation ramblings? Perhaps one could forgo carcass evaluations, but that would be a big mistake. All the money that comes into the beef industry ultimately comes from the product hanging on the rail. For all practical purposes, cattle are not kept as pets and there is no income stream from beef cattle other than beef and beef byproducts.

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Watch Post-Calving Cow Nutrition

Watch Post-Calving Cow Nutrition

Hay and Forage Grower

Beef cows need good feed after calving because they’re producing milk for their calves and preparing their reproductive systems for rebreeding, reminds Bruce Anderson University of Nebraska Extension forage agronomist.

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Ohio State University’s Agriculture Technical Institute And CAB Team Up To Educate

Ohio State University’s Agriculture Technical Institute And CAB Team Up To Educate

Miranda Reiman


Nobody can illustrate cattle comfort better than, well, a comfortable cow.

Even the best speakers can’t make an audience feel what it’s like on a farm. There are no words that can replace the actual experience of seeing cattle first hand—watching them roam the pasture or eat out of the feedbunk.

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Bull selection can help beef producers capitalize on up markets

Bull selection can help beef producers capitalize on up markets

AG Answers

Beef producers who want to purchase bulls or semen for their spring breeding herds should be doing their homework now, says a Purdue Extension beef specialist.

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Heat detection critical for successful A.I. program

Heat detection critical for successful A.I. program

Shantille Kruse

Farm and Ranch Guide

When using an estrus synchronization protocol that requires estrus detection or just attempting to artificially inseminate non-synchronized cows and hei-fers, pregnancy success to AI depends greatly upon accurate heat detection.

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