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Proper dosing contributes to producer profits

Proper dosing contributes to producer profits

Farm and Ranch Guide

The ability of producers to estimate the live bodyweight of cattle can critically affect whether animals receive too little drug or too much, which can have a significant impact on herd health and ultimately, on the profitability of a producer’s operation.

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Managing Incoming Stocker Calves

Managing Incoming Stocker Calves

Dr. Fred Hopkins, UT Extension Veterinarian, Mr. David Thomas, Tennessee Valley Angus, Knoxville, TN, Mr. Keith Hart, County Director, Carter County, TN

One of the most important health events in the lives of weaned calves is their movement to a new home and their handling for the first 3 to 5 weeks thereafter. Exposure to germs and stress make disease more likely to occur.

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Iowa congressman blasts HSUS

Iowa congressman blasts HSUS

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

U.S. Congressman Steve King of Iowa does not sugarcoat his distaste for animal rights extremist organizations.

Specifically, he says the Humane Society of the United States is a “dishonest” organization and an “enemy” of livestock and feed grain production.

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Beef Enjoys Strength in the Global Market, Endures Challenges at Home

Beef Enjoys Strength in the Global Market, Endures Challenges at Home

Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

"2011 was the first year in which the U.S. exported more tonnage of beef than we imported," Good says, adding that, based on dollar value, the U.S. has exported more beef than it imported for years. Last year was the first time the actual pounds going out exceeded the amount coming in. "In 2011, we exported almost 3 pounds more, on a per capita basis, than we imported."

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Distance traveled and BRD

Distance traveled and BRD

Bovine Veterinarian

Most beef cattle are transported at least once during their lives, and this potentially stressful practice may impact subsequent health and performance.

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Good Tech Tools Can Come in Small Packages

Good Tech Tools Can Come in Small Packages

Jim Patrico

Progressive Farmer

Some of them are only about the size of your thumbnail, but RFID tags can do big work around the farm. That is the hope, at least, of companies like ThingMagic, a division of Trimble. It already partners with Harvest Tec in supplying hay bale identification systems for AGCO, New Holland and Case IH.

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Iowa beef producers explore trade with Central America

Iowa beef producers explore trade with Central America

The Cattle Business Weekly

The most desired cuts in Guatemala include rounds, skirt steaks, and top sirloin caps, the Iowa trade team learned as they met with meat processors, government agencies, and importers in Guatemala City and Panama City.

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Marketing whole-muscle

Marketing whole-muscle

Elizabeth Fuhrman

National Provisioner

Ground-beef and sausage products have seen a boost in popularity over the last few years, for several reasons. Both products are popular for their taste and versatility, certainly, but they are also popular because of their price points.

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Season tips aimed at cattle producers, cool-grass care

Season tips aimed at cattle producers, cool-grass care

The Garden City Telegram

The following suggestions are for cool-season grasses such as tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass. Zoysiagrass, bermudagrass and buffalograss are warm-season grasses and require a different maintenance regime. A warm-season grass calendar was covered in last week’s column.

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Back to Basics: Stages of Production in the Beef Cow

Back to Basics: Stages of Production in the Beef Cow

Amy Radunz

UW Beef Cattle Extension Specialist

The production year of the cow herd is typically broken down into four physiological stages of production.  Today we are going to review these stages of production and some key management strategies to consider during these periods.

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