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Beef evaluation open house set for April 10

Beef evaluation open house set for April 10

AG Answers

Commercial cattle producers and other owners of bulls will receive expert advice on proper care and breeding at the annual Indiana Beef Evaluation Program Open House.

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Using Genetics to Get More Efficient

Using Genetics to Get More Efficient

Bob Weaber, Ph.D. , Cow/Calf Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University

Iowa Beef Center

Improvement of the economic position of the farm or ranch is an ongoing process for many commercial cow-calf producers. Profitability may be enhanced by increasing the volume of production (i.e. the pounds of calves you market) and/or the value  of products you sell (improving quality).

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What’s in the beef?

What’s in the beef?

Joe Epperly

I read the following in a recent press release on MeatPoultry.com and I thought I would share.

According to the office of U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY), more than 60 fast-food companies, livestock producers, meat and poultry processors and retailers received a letter from the congresswoman asking for disclosure of the use of antibiotics in the products they sell.

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Good Habits of Profitable Ranchers

Good Habits of Profitable Ranchers

Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

Stan Bevers analyzes a lot of data. As a teacher of, and advocate for, Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA), the professor, Extension economist and management specialist for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, sees the results of habits that are common to beef producers who generate more profit from their cow-calf operations.

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Selling Success, Good private treaty sales

Selling Success, Good private treaty sales

Sara Gugelmeyer

Hereford World

Ever since there have been cattle and cattlemen, there have been private treaty sales. It’s as simple as two ranchers shaking hands on the sale of one cow and as complicated as syndicates of individuals buying and selling semen interests. Either way, private treaty sales can be beneficial to buyer and seller.

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Kangas is new regional manger for the far west region, American Angus

Kangas is new regional manger for the far west region, American Angus

The American Angus Association welcomes Kurt Kangas of Bakersfield, Calif., as the new regional manager for Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. 

 “There’s nothing better than a herd of Angus cattle out on pasture,” Kangas says. “I have a real appreciation for the cattle in the Angus breed, but it’s the people behind the cattle that I really enjoy.”

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Local Beef Feeds the World

Local Beef Feeds the World

Anthony Pannone

Angus Journal

Pat Laird drives past his feed store and other shops in Cozad, Neb., headed out to his pasture gate as the sun creeps out of bed to illuminate the sky. His cows bask in the summer dawn, their calves’ blackness standing out against the greenery.

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Foot problems In the feedlot

Foot problems In the feedlot

Bovine Veterinarian

While we usually think of foot problems in feedlot calves occurring in conjunction with warm, muddy conditions, wintertime also brings a certain set of conditions that can create lameness in these animals.

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Selling directly to consumers can net more money for farmers

Selling directly to consumers can net more money for farmers

AG Answers

The "buy local" movement that has sparked increased demand for locally grown foods means that farmers who know how to market and sell their products directly to consumers can substantially increase their farm income, says an Ohio State University Extension agriculture educator.

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Some Hang On Tight to Cowboy Life

Some Hang On Tight to Cowboy Life


Part of the appeal of Arizona for many is the western culture. Question — when is the last time you’ve gone horseback riding, been to a ranch, enjoyed a campfire or for that matter, seen a cowboy? The real West is fading, but how far gone is it?

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