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Understanding brisket disease in cattle

Understanding brisket disease in cattle

Steve Paisley

Tri State Livestock News

High altitude disease, also known as brisket disease, is a condition predominantly in cattle that occurs in a percentage of cattle maintained and managed above 6,000 feet.

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Four Steps Before You Buy That Bull

Four Steps Before You Buy That Bull

Dr. W. Mark Hilton


Investing in the genetic future of your herd is a critical step in your herd’s health and profitability. Be sure to spend adequate time analyzing your options before signing the check.

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The ‘wild’ side to be part of Ranch Management University set for April 9-13

The ‘wild’ side to be part of Ranch Management University set for April 9-13

Kay Ledbetter

North Texas E-News

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s Ranch Management University, scheduled April 9-13, will address several wildlife topics this year to aid those managing for more than just livestock, according to an AgriLife Extension specialist.

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A lifelong rancher

A lifelong rancher

Brandon Mathis

Cortez Journal

Larry Everett was taught the cowboy and ranching way of life by his father Walter. Like the ranch itself, the Everett work ethic has been handed down from generation to generation.

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‘The Future of Midwest Cattle Feeding’ Friday at Sauk

‘The Future of Midwest Cattle Feeding’ Friday at Sauk


Free seminars highlighting the future of Midwest cattle feeding will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday at Sauk Valley Community College, 173 state Route 2.

The seminars are designed to help feeder cattle producers develop strategies for a profitable operation, Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension beef specialist, said in a news release.

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UNL Faculty Member, Alum Honored as Cattle Industry Leaders

UNL Faculty Member, Alum Honored as Cattle Industry Leaders

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member and a UNL alumnus were named Top 10 Cattle Industry leaders by the Cattle Business Weekly.

Matt Spangler, an assistant animal science professor and UNL Extension beef genetics specialist, is involved in statewide and national programming in beef cattle genetics and research in beef cattle quantitative genetics.

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To synchronize or not to synchronize? That is the question

To synchronize or not to synchronize? That is the question

Allen Bridges

Farm and Ranch Guide

It has been demonstrated that using estrous synchronization and artificial insemination (AI) can improve reproductive efficiency, productivity, and profits of beef cattle operations. Let me try to convince you that you should consider using these reproductive technologies in your herd this spring.

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Consumer Interest in Beef Quality Grades Does Impact the Cattle Business

Consumer Interest in Beef Quality Grades Does Impact the Cattle Business

University of Missouri

Beef quality grades and consumer interest do impact the cow-calf producer according to Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

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This is cow country

This is cow country


Highlands Today

Florida is known for many things, green pastures and warm weather among them. It’s those assets that make Florida ideal for one of its major agricultural endeavors: birthing and raising calves.

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Gene-Max™:  DNA test for commercial Angus

Gene-Max™:  DNA test for commercial Angus

Certified Angus Beef

The most productive, high-quality commercial cowherds are often managed like purebreds, with individual animal records and calf performance and carcass data brought to bear on each cow. Progeny are increasingly predictable and accurate in hitting gain and grade targets.

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