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Understanding the Nutrient Requirements of the 2-year-old cow

Understanding the Nutrient Requirements of the 2-year-old cow

Karla Jenkins

Tri State Livestock News

Probably the most pivotal time for a beef cow to maintain a position in the beef herd is the first three months after her first calf is born.

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Video Forages Series Kicks off: Introduction

Chipotle sells twisted image of animal agriculture

Chipotle sells twisted image of animal agriculture

Taking Stock

During the Grammy Awards broadcast on Feb. 12, Chipotle Mexican Grill aired their popular YouTube video “Back to the Start.” The video contrasts a dismal “factory farm” with cheerful, Chipotle-approved grasslands where pigs run free. In an effort to sell their products, Chipotle misrepresents the real conditions and science behind large scale food production.

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Mid- to late winter marks time to watch for lice in cattle

Mid- to late winter marks time to watch for lice in cattle

AG Answers

Now is the time of year when cattle might be feeling the itch of lice, so producers need to be vigilant about watching for signs of infection, says a Purdue Extension beef specialist.

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Hormones a concern for Cargill

Hormones a concern for Cargill

Barb Glen

The Western Producer

 The effects of growth promotants in fed cattle are causing concern at Cargill, which operates one of the two major cattle processing plants in Western Canada.

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What’s Wrong with Meatless Monday?

What’s Wrong with Meatless Monday?

Daren Williams

Beef Today

A recent commenter on this blog asked why farmers and ranchers were opposed to Meatless Monday. I guess I thought the answer was obvious given the very name of this anti-meat marketing effort aimed at getting people to eschew meat in favor of plant foods.

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Technology can help move a herd toward more consistency.

Technology can help move a herd toward more consistency.

Springfield News-Leader

Cattle producers — whether they are a one-bull cow herd owner in southwest Missouri or a 1000 cow rancher in Montana — like to have a uniform herd.

When it is time to market cattle, a uniform set of calves, stockers, finished cattle or bred heifers, attract more buyer interest according to Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

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