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I’ve oft addressed the challenge of being true to the cowboy life.  Remember, the cowboy’s dream is to be able to support himself throughout his life…without ever getting a job!

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Plan now for heifer development

Plan now for heifer development

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

I’m sorry to say the ground hog saw its shadow a week ago on Ground Hog’s Day. That can only mean six more weeks of winter, but as most of you will agree, “How bad can six more weeks of winter like this be?”

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A Lousy Situation

A Lousy Situation

Troy Smith

Hereford World

When cold comes to cow country, the conditions are good for cattle lice. What we mean is these parasitic insects are more apt to be problematic. So it comes as no surprise to veterinarians when more producers report lice infestations during and immediately following a cold winter.

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Collaboration Set to Revolutionize Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Collaboration Set to Revolutionize Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Cattle Today

For generations, agricultural producers have continued to produce more food with fewer resources. Unfortunately, their greatest test is yet to come.

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Japan Looks To Raise US Beef Age Limit

Japan Looks To Raise US Beef Age Limit


US – Japan, once the US’s biggest customer, is considering lifting the age limit on cattle slaughtered for beef to 30 months, from 20 months.

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Cull Breeding Stock Carefully

Cull Breeding Stock Carefully

By Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

Annual performance, not strictly age, should be a primary criteria come culling time.

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How to Get Beef Herd Expansion Going

How to Get Beef Herd Expansion Going

Derrell Peel

Oklahoma Farm Report

The beef replacement heifer inventory is a pool of potential replacements from which a certain percentage will actually be placed into the herd. It is the flow of heifers placed that is important in terms of herd expansion or contraction.

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