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War of attrition continues in the beef business

War of attrition continues in the beef business

Derrell S. Peel


Parsons, Kansas — Cattle prices are at record high levels and will push even higher in 2012 and beyond. Retail beef prices are increasing and will push higher but it is uncertain how much and how fast. These conditions ensure that margins for various sectors in between will continue to be squeezed and some sectors of the beef industry will face difficulties in the coming months.

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Industry Innovator

Industry Innovator

Sheryl Smith Rodgers

Angus Journal

‘C’mon, boys, they’re good cows! They’re good ’uns!”

At age 80, Pat Goggins — a familiar face since the 1950s at weekly livestock auctions in Billings, Mont. — often cheers words of encouragement to buyers from his ringside seat. Keen-eyed and sharp-witted, he knows exactly what to look for in a top-rate animal.

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Proper dosing of animal health products

Proper dosing of animal health products

Bovine Veterinarian

The ability of producers to estimate the live bodyweight of cattle can critically affect whether animals receive too little drug or too much, which can have a significant impact on herd health and ultimately, on the profitability of a producer’s operation.

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TeamWork Takes BQA To The Next Level

TeamWork Takes BQA To The Next Level

Del Deterling


The historic Matador Cattle Company is no "Johnny come lately" to the Beef Quality Assurance program. Truth be told, the company’s three ranches began implementing quality-assurance principles more than two decades ago.

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Cattle Dogs – It’s a Dog’s World

Cattle Dogs – It’s a Dog’s World

Steve Weisman

American Cattlemen

In this technologically advanced world, there is an area that is what I would call a “throwback” of sorts when it comes to handling cattle. Ask a cattleman who their most entrusted employee is and the response will often be this: my dog.

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Talking Parasites and BRD

Talking Parasites and BRD

Oklahoma Farm Report

Dr. Joe Dedrickson, with Merial Animal Health, talked with us at the recent Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville about two challenges that cattle producers face- and a pair of Merial products that can help cattle handle the adversity of these challenges.

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Another view in the animal welfare debate

Another view in the animal welfare debate

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

It’s the central issue in the ongoing battle between livestock producers and those who advocate for improvements in animal welfare—or, in extreme cases—animal rights.

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